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A for Arya??? Naaah! A for Anil!!!!

Posted by AtPeace on July 27, 2005

‘Arya? Who’s Arya?’ I ask V.
‘Arya theriyadha? Arya theriyadha ungaluku?,’ V sounds very surprised.
D and I exchange looks. It’s obvious to me D doesn’t know Arya either.
‘Illa, theriyadhu’, D tells V.
‘Arindhum Ariyamalum hero… super-a irupan…’ V explains as a sheepish grin crosses her face. ‘Epdi Arya theriyadhu ungaluku?’
‘Yei… adhan THERIYADHU-ngrom la’, I say…. Cha! Oru moonu maasam oor-la illana ennena miss panna vendi iruku… Innum ennelam miss panni irukomo, I think, as I ask V again… ‘Yen, avan avlo nalla irupana?’
‘Amam, Madhu, super-a irupan… Oh, I think I might have a photo… in some forward… irunga’, she says and turns to her PC.
Interested, D and I move closer to her monitor to get a better view. After a few moments, V locates the mail and opens it…
Hmmmm…. I think… ‘Okay va dhan irukan… ana…’

D looks at the monitor thoughtfully, she’s still judging him, I can see.
‘Enna Madhu ‘ana’, nalla illaya?’ V questions me, with a little indignation. She glances at his picture again and adds, ‘super-a irukkan… neenga enna ipdi solliteenga…’
‘Illa pa, he’s okay, but you know…’ I sigh. ‘Therila, enakku avlo super-a irukara madhri theriyala… Maybe ellarayum Kumble-voda compare panradhu nala, enakku andha madhri thonudho ennavo… hmmm…’ I trail off.

D comes out from her reverie just in time to say ‘Thoo! Karmam!!’

I grin and escape from their cubicle.


[Seri, all right, here’s the truth – none of the above actually happened, though it very possibly could have. And I reserve my comments about Arya. For all I know, my mind might change at a later point of time!!! 😉 ]


3 Responses to “A for Arya??? Naaah! A for Anil!!!!”

  1. VeeKay said

    Hey Madhuuu, I have blgrolled u. And being a fan of you since the day we met, I expect you to update ur blog regularly. And since I blogrolled you before blogrolled me, I expect a treat from you.

  2. Madhu said

    Vijay!!! Unna blogroll pannanum na, direct-a solla vendiyadhu dhane… Fan adhu idhu nu y do u hv to pull my leg? Abt updating the blog, I’ll do the best I can. And treat….. well, well, pakkalam….

  3. Badrinath.V.S said

    Hi in here thru vijaykrishna’s blog. your blog seems good will visit often.btw have u moved to chennai I thot u worked elsewhere

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