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Of Thayir Saadhams and Geoffrey’s – Scene 1

Posted by AtPeace on July 30, 2005

After a 3-month sojourn abroad, D and I return to office. It was truly great to be back amongst my friends P, B, M and K. After the initial ‘hi’s and the distribution of the chocolates to my team, I take off for the pantry to discuss more stories over our cups of tea.
D and B went in a few minutes before I did. No sooner did I enter the pantry and walk upto B & D, does B say smth to me. I didn’t quite catch what she said. Apparently, B has smth important to tell me. ‘B! Don’t tell me you’re getting married!’, I exclaim. She grins (no blushing, of course – no one in my gang can blush very well.) ‘Wow, B, eppo?’. D prompts me, ‘Ask her who it is.’ The implications of this statement strike me instantly. Someone I know? Someone in office? I gasp and turn to B. She laughs. ‘Oh God! Who is it?’, I just can’t guess. B? Love?? Getting married to someone in office??? What’s happening here?

B finally tells me who it is and I reel from the shock. I thot B hardly knew the guy. Apparently, I was wrong. I realise I’m konjam over-reacting and downplay it. And then, smth else strikes me. She said
marriage…. which means – ‘Veetla othukittangala???!!!!’. She nods. ‘WOW’, I exclaim. ‘Cool, girl!!’, I add just as P joins us.

Varum podhe, he closes his eyes with one hand and stretches out his other palm flat out – ‘Where are my gifts? iPod enga? G-Shock enga??’ he questions D and me. All of us laugh. ‘Un gift seat la iruku, we’ll give you, wait’, D tells him. And then she adds, ‘BTW, B wants to tell you smth.’ All of us look at B as she tells P. He reacts a hundred times worse than I did. I then ask when things happened. She explains that he proposed to her on Feb 14th. ‘WHAT? Adi paavi!! Naan kooda edho naanga oorla illadhapo neraya nadandhudhonu nenacha, ipdi solriye!’, I exclaim as P asks, ‘Ivlo naala sollama ippo yen B solra, with the wedding just a month away? Kalyanathuku apram medhuva solli irukalame… enna pa avasaram?’. K joins us. I look at K warily, not sure if he knows any of this. And then, B tells us that he indeed knows. And she tells K that her wedding date is fixed. Now, it’s his turn to react surprised, ‘Enna B, date fix panra avalvuku nadandhuducha?? Sollave illa?’ he asks.

And for the next 20 mins, P, K and I jointly denounce people who hide things from friends. ‘Ippo theriyudhu P, namma value enna nu’, I say as P and K agree. ‘Indha kaalathula yaara nambaradhune theriyala, Madhu’, says P sadly, ‘Idha thayir saadham nu nenachitu irundhen… Iva training time la ennelam solli irukka theriyuma, Madhu? ‘Enga veetla idhellam suthama pidikadhu. Naan ellam apdi pannave matten… appa amma ku kashtam kuduka matten’ nu dialogue ellam vittiruka, Madhu’. He gives B a dirty look and she immediately begins ‘Illa, P, actually -‘. ‘Close!!!’, exclaims P and she falls silent. ‘Ama P, indha madhri case dhan ellathayum pannum, idhula vettiya dialogue vera. At least, dialogue vidama irundhirukalam’, I say and K nods vigorously. P continues, ‘Seri, panradha pannita, ithana naal namba kitta sollama marachu vechirukka paar… B, unna mannikave mudiyadhu’. ‘Acho, illa P -‘, B tries to speak again and is instantly shoo-ed by all three of us. D meanwhile, watches us all with a great deal of apprehension. (I know for sure that she has smth up her sleeve too. But then, at least, she was never in the category of a ‘Thayir Saadham’.) ‘Iva lam enna vendikuva Madhu? ‘Enna mattum nalla vei’ na?’, asks P and I respond, ‘Ama. ‘Enna mattum nalla vei… And naan nalla irukaradhu yaarukum theriyavum koodadhu’ nu’…. We go on….

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