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Of Thayir Saadhams and Geoffrey’s – Scene 2

Posted by AtPeace on July 30, 2005

Later in the day, as we go down for lunch, we continue our tirade. ‘Un kalyanathuku vandhuttu unakku gift tharama, avaruku mattum gift tharuvom’, P tells B and then adds, ‘Avar mattum use panra madhri edhavadhu tharuvom’. My eyes meet P’s for a fraction of a second and we both burst out laughing. ‘You’re perverted. Kevalam di nee’, P accuses me. ‘Ada naaye! Nee dhan modhala siricha… Unna pathu dhan ennake thonichu!!’. ‘Illa, nee dhan modhalla -‘. ‘Of course not, nee -‘. ‘SHOO!’ exclaims a loud, disgusted voice from behind, the source being B, who stalks out of the elevator. P and I continue bickering until we reach foodcourt, where we unite to bicker over ‘traitors’.

It’s evening and we’re back in the pantry for a tea break. The conversation, of course, drifts to ‘thayir saadhams’. And K points out, ‘Dei P, unmaiyileye neeyum naanum dhan da thayir saadham!’. ‘Naanum, naanum!’ I pipe in. ‘Hey..’, it’s D, ‘actually, it’s not exactly her fault, you know.’ All heads jerk in her direction and we look at her, amazed. ‘Illa pa,’ she hastens to explain, ‘ennaiku ava kovil ku poren nu sollitu Geoffrey’s ponalo, annaike we should have known, iva thayir saadham illa nu,’ finishes D. Aha! This does open a new line of thought.

(I’m reminded of the day long, long ago when D was telling B that she had called B’s home and was told that B had gone to the temple. When D mentioned this in office the next day, B explained that she had, in reality, been to Geoffrey’s. ‘Geoffrey’s-a?’ asked a surprised P, at the mention of his frequent hang-out. ‘
Geoffrey’s-a?’, the rest of us chorused. ‘Yeah, I went there with my xxxx’. ‘Anga poittu nee enna panna?’, asked P unable to control his laughter at the very thought. (I don’t quite remember what she had replied – soda maybe? or juice or some such thing.) ‘Adi paavi! Amma kitta kovil nu poi sollitu poniya?’ asked D. ‘Hehe… ama’. ‘Adhu yen kovil? At least, friend veedu-navadhu solli irukalame…’, I question her. ‘Hehe… summa dhan… Veetla therinja naan sethen!!’.)

*sigh* You’re right, D. Appove we guys should have realised that B was not to be classified as thayir saadham. Unmaiyana thayir saadham P, K and naan dhan. *sigh*
( Geoffrey’s, by the way, is the name of a pub in Chennai.)

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