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Scramble for a highchair – Scene 2

Posted by AtPeace on July 31, 2005

It’s afternoon & no sign of another chair. Cha! No one seems bothered. I call up again, and I’m reassured that ‘someone’ would be sent soon. I continue working, keeping my hopes alive. As the day fades away, so do my hopes.
The next morning I walk in, hoping that the chair would have somehow been replaced overnite. Well, it was not. Thoroughly disgusted, I call up again & tell them it’s the third time I’m calling for this. I’m told again that ‘someone’ would come. *sigh*

A short while later, I’m in the next cubicle clearing V’s doubt when my phone rings. I pick it up from her seat.

‘Madam, xxxx?’
‘Neenga chair -‘
‘- vendam nu call panneenga illaya?’
‘Illa, chair seriya irukku, maatha vendam nu marubadiyum call -‘
Ada paavingala! Is this their idea of a joke???
‘Ennoda chair seri illai-nga…’, I recite the story again.
‘Oh, seri Madam’.
I hang up & narrate this story to C & J and they burst out laughing. Instantly. Ellam en neram!

A few minutes later, I’m in V’s cubicle and someone arrives to take away my chair. I look at him suspiciously – irukara chair-ayum eduthuttu porare? As if on cue, C looks at me, grinning and shaking his head – ‘Avlo dhan, pochu!’. ‘C! Summa irunga!!!’

After a few more mins, the office boy returns with another chair. I ditch V and her doubt and run to my cubicle – well, if you can call it a run. I do the slow-motion, old movies la hero, heroine types of run. (Trust me ppl, I really did this.) The office boy darts glances at me, unable to comprehend why on earth anyone would run like that. I ignore his reaction and thank him for the chair. It seems to work fine. Yipee!!!

‘Boohhoooo…. sob…sob…’, I try to express my happiness. The office boy stands there just long enough to look at me very weirdly before moving away. C grins and J chuckles. Sniffing, I turn to my monitor and msg D –
‘Yeeee!!! I finally got a proper chair!!! sob… sob…’
‘Hehe…. loosu ponne… velaya paaru!!’
*sigh* She’s right. I really need to get to work now – 76 hrs, you know.

5 Responses to “Scramble for a highchair – Scene 2”

  1. Prabu Karthik said

    summa solla koodadhu. rombo enjoy panninen unga blog. keep it up.

  2. VeeKay said

    Hey Madhu,

    Nice posts. Thanks for blogrolling me.


  3. ioiio said

    Chair-person aaga try pannreengalaa

  4. F e r r a r i said

    Arasiyal serara plan irukka? 🙂

  5. Madhu said

    Thanku thanku thanku…

    Remember – you owe me a treat too!

    ioiio / f e r r a r i,
    yen pa yen? why me?

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