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Posted by AtPeace on August 4, 2005

‘Algebra ivan dhegam… Amoeba-vai uru maarum..’

‘You wanna salsa… take me to uppa’?????


I’m stopping with this… am not writing down any more of this crap on my blog!!


But honestly, what the dash is all this? (Ok, I can actually somehow accept amoeba… but what’s with algebra and his dhegam…????)


6 Responses to “Huh???”

  1. Badrinath.V.S said

    May be it means “his dhegam is complex”, “his dhegam is difficult to understand” or may be “his dhegam is so engrossing and interesting” — Somebody stop me!!!!

    On a serious note 1 and 2 dont make sense.

  2. Prabu Karthik said

    seriously.. super lyrics ba

    adhu seri endha song la idhu varudhu?

  3. Praveen said

    Tamil cinema paattu-la idhellam paarkalam 🙂

  4. F e r r a r i said

    Anniyan la vara edho oru paatu apapdinu nenaikaren
    Kodumayaana lyrics. If am not wrong, Shankar penned this song(??). Similar to that crap song pettai rap.

  5. Madhu said

    Plz don’t tell me 3 makes any sense either…

    it’s from the ‘kadhal yaanai’ song in Anniyan….

    f e r r a r i,
    did shankar actually write this song? hmmmm… that might explain it… (honestly, what’s with the ‘yo yo’ and ‘ya ya’… aaaarrrghhh…. I MUST stop)

  6. Tamizhan said

    Look people, even though you guys “hate” these lyrics, the song, the movie, you cannot keep yourselves from posting abt it, talk abt it, laugh abt the scenes, say aghunpadam, anbu idham….

    Thats the power of mass media guys! Face it, you are hooked to something you disgust, like the gladiatorial fights….

    Me, i love the song, actually listening to it now…

    Hiroshima nee thaano, Nagasaki nee thaano….
    Un meedhu thaano, en kaadhal bombo…..


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