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Appadi podu!!!

Posted by AtPeace on August 10, 2005

‘Avan seriyana poruki… seruppala adikanum‘ – One girl in my van said to another, this morning, the ‘avan’ in question being director S.J.Surya!!!!

I vehemently agree.


8 Responses to “Appadi podu!!!”

  1. VeeKay said

    Oruthana Kalai Sevai puriya vidamaateengale …

  2. Sathish said

    Is it possible to disagree without ill feelings?

  3. kr!sh said

    He’s a rascal.

  4. Badrinath.V.S said

    based on the latest set of info I have got S.J.Suryah is planning to file a defamation suit on Madhu her van friend and krish.

  5. Tamizhan said

    Can the public know what exactly Suryah has done, to deserve this kind of a lashing from thaaikulam?

    I decidely support Suryah here. Here is a guy who is bringing some connectivity between to Tamil society and cinema and these hypocrites will not have it!

    Cmon Madhu, you can do better than this…

  6. Madhu said

    yes, tamizhan, you’re right… i can definitely do better than the seruppadi…

  7. Tamizhan said

    ahaa! madhu now dont resort to violence to prove your point!

    Naan ungalai ketkiren, enna thavaru seidhu vittaar suryah??

  8. Neha said

    i dunno madhu I defnly agree he deserves a seruppadi but somehow the public don think so i feel. jus think of it like “Boys” vs “New”. Boys if u ask me gives a true picture of the youth today. New I wont even bother writing about it. But New epdi odichchu Boys epdi odichchu? how can anyone explain such things?

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