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Ada Raama!

Posted by AtPeace on August 13, 2005

It was a hot summer day. Well, to be honest, I’m not exactly sure – it could have been ‘winter’ as well – there’s no difference in Chennai, you see. Anyways, the point is, it was hot. And we were in our final year of engineering. Realising that I was thirsty and finding my water bottle empty, I walked to the water cooler next to my classroom, with the bottle in hand. I was just filling water when I noticed that Raam was sitting on a stool outside the class, beyond the entrance. It was a little weird to find him sitting there alone, but Raam is known to have done weirder things and I chose to ignore him, as usual.
As I lifted the bottle to drink some of the refreshing fluid, I heard a voice… “Madhuuuuuuu…..”. It was Raam and he was stretching out both his arms for the water bottle. The lazy goose that he was (and is), I think it didn’t strike him that he could actually walk up to the water cooler and get some water for himself.
Before I could respond to him with, ‘Iru Raam, kudichitu tharen’, Srikanth walked out of the class. He stopped dead in his tracks on seeing Raam with his arms stretched out. He followed Raam’s line of vision and saw me standing. He jerked his head back and forth between Raam (who still had his arms outstretched for some vague reason that I cannot fathom) and me. As a slight sense of dread began to fill me, Srikanth loudly exclaimed ‘Oohhh’, and turned back on his heels and headed right back into the classroom. Raam and I exchanged dark looks. ‘Raam loose-e’, I just managed to say before following Srikanth inside.
I swear I must have entered the class exactly two seconds after Srikanth did. As it was break time, lotsa ppl were standing, blocking my path and my vision. I located him standing somewhere near the third row, animatedly talking to someone. I tried to make my way towards him, but was almost immediately stopped by Aarthi. ‘Enna Madhu, Raam unna pathu ipdi nu pannaname..’, she stretched out her arms, grinning. Kashtam. ‘Illa, avan water bottle kettaan…’, ‘Summa kadhai vidadhe…’. As she went on, I managed to extricate myself from her grip and moved on towards the third row. Srikanth had by then moved on to the last row. Aaaaarggghhhh!!!! Srikaaaannnnntthhhhhh!!!!!! Lakshmi popped out from somewhere… ‘Enna di, Raam unna pathu -‘, ‘Illa Lakshmi, he wanted the water bottle’. ‘Adhuku poi yaaravadhu apdi kai-ya neetuvangala…. as though he was going to hug you -‘ YUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!
‘Srikaaaanth!!!’, I directed my wrath on him. He was standing behind the last row, grinning and appearing extremely pleased with himself. He continued grinning as I narrowed my eyes, trying to look angry and mean. (Secretly, more than anything else, I wanted to know how he managed to tell so many people in so short a span of time).
‘Enna panni vechiruka?’, I questioned with indignation.
‘Naan pathadha dhan sonnen’, he answered with the same grin.
‘He wanted the water bottle!’, I exclaimed.
‘Patha, andha madhri theriyalaye!’.
‘Excuse me! I was drinking water and he wanted some. Adhuku dhan -‘
‘Illa, avan -‘
‘Nee vandhu -‘
‘ – kai neetinadha patha -‘
‘ – nadula la vandhuttu -‘
Our not-so-amicable conversation was cut short by the entry of some staff member. I tried to appear disgusted and gave Srikanth as dirty a look as I could muster. He grinned again and moved to his seat, and we were all forced to listen to the constant droning of a boring voice for the next hour.


10 Responses to “Ada Raama!”

  1. Neha said

    ROTFL. yea but seriously I wonder how such “info” pass around so quickly 🙂

  2. Madhu said

    Ellam Srikanth madhri sila per-oda talent dhan.. verenna solradhu… 🙂

  3. Tamizhan said

    ROTFL!! Idhallan arasiyal vaazhkaila saadharnam appa….
    Once, me and my friend were so close, a spiteful girl spread the rumor that we were gay…Imagine that.

  4. Madhu said

    hehe… neenga sonna madhri stories-um bist2k2 voda archives la undu… viraivil velivarum!!! 😀

  5. Harish said

    Srikantha edaavudu News channel la work kku sera sollu
    They r the ones who need to spread information (wrong ones as ur especially)very fast to everybody and this guy seems cut for that job

  6. Madhu said

    Not necessary. You may even shed some tears on my behalf, if you’d like.

  7. Madhu said

    Thanks for the career counselling 🙂 but indha line of logic la patha, everyone in my class shld be in the news industry – cos idhe madhri naangalum mathavangala damage panni irukom… 😀

  8. WA said

    I love it, the speed at which information (esp the made up ones) travels

  9. nagilan said

    haha… antha scenena naane oru orama ninnu partha mathiri oru feeling.. especially antha oru second posture.. 🙂

  10. Aarthi said

    *Sigh*..good old days madhu :(..I wish you had written more such incidents in your blog..atleast we can read them and live in those days for few moments..You must write more about our class madhu..We need to store such information for years!

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