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More blogrolls… and blogs…

Posted by AtPeace on August 13, 2005

Just blogrolled Praveen and Neha…. Praveen, cos I have been visiting his site for quite sometime and I find his blogs too damn funny… and Neha, cos she’s one independent, assertive girl… It’s truly a pleasure to see people like that, who don’t mince words… Just read her very angry post… I understand exactly how you feel, girl!!

And the new blog I’m talking about is this*. Well, I had originally intended to pen down some of my college memories here (and a little bit of school stuff too)… It’s too fresh in my mind and too good to be forgotten… I’m sure no one from BIST 2K2 EEE (it has now become Bharath University) can help smiling when reminded of some of these incidents… Honestly, we had an amazing college life and it just had to be chronicled somewhere… So, well, I have begun to write it down. However, I might not be the only person to write these stories… Raam, Aarthi, Bhargavi and Ramya have all shown enthu and might join in sometime… So, for that reason, it’s a new blog here.

Oh, btw, here’s what you can expect there –
* I shall try not to ‘damage’ anyone’s reputation… But then again, I decide the level of damage… (so, you don’t have much of a choice, Raam) 😀
* I shall frequently choose to have selective amnesia.
* I will try to write amusing, funny and in general memorable incidents. No serious stuff….

Just written the first post... Slight-a ennaye damage panra madhri irundhalum, it’s ok nu ezhudhi iruken… 😀

* Edit: All my blogger blogs are now combined into a single wordpress blog – the one you are reading now.


One Response to “More blogrolls… and blogs…”

  1. Neha said

    hayyaa!!! Me first me first! Neways Madhu Thanx for blogrolling me :).
    Lol @
    * I shall frequently choose to have selective amnesia.

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