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Monday morning blues…

Posted by AtPeace on August 16, 2005

I hate monday mornings… Well, on some occasions like today, I hate tuesday mornings too. Heck, I hate every morning… every single one of them – when I’m forced to wake up mid-sleep, that is… I mean, what sort of a time is 6:45 to wake up? Muzhichukara time-a adhu…? Endha kevalavadhi ipdi kalankaarthala ezhundhukara pazhakatha kandu pidichano… kai-la kedachan, samadhi dhan. And if I ever get hold of the chap who said that 8 hrs of sleep is enough for an average human being, I’ll stone him to death. Seriously.

Okay, I’m not prone to such violent reactions all the time, think what you may, but when my alarm rings at an ungodly hour – 6:45 to me is a just little past midnight – my first reaction (after turning off the damn alarm) is indeed to strangle someone. Realising that it’s not exactly possible, my reaction switches. I want to roll over to one side and sob. Yes, you read that right. S o b. Enna dhan office irundhalum, avanga month-end la decent-a pay pannalum, I’m forced to think – is all that effort equal to the sleep I lose every morning? Okay, I do make up for some of it during the weekends by refusing to open my eyes till it’s well past 11 o’ clock, at the minimum. Still, what’s the point in sleeping all through the weekend – I’d have given anything under the sun to have been able to sleep this morning.

If it had been, say, Raam calling me at 9 or smth on a saturday morning, I would have had no hesitation whatsoever in saying ‘Naan thoongittu iruken, phone-a vei’. And I’d be back to my slumber the next second. But there’s no way around coming in to office, is there? Unless they let me WFH, of course. I’m seriously going to ask my manager as soon as he gets back from the US about this. You should see the kind of WFH mails these onsite chaps send – ‘Gotta take mom to the dentist. Will work from home.’ Neenga nadathunga pa… nadathunga… ellarum nalla irunga…

But then, coming to think of it, why does the entire world have to wake up at 7, be ready by 8 and rush to school/college/work by 9? I mean, why do we have to kill ourselves? Why can’t we just set a decent, more comfortable pace for ourselves? Forget the normal mornings… there are times when we go on trips somewhere… supposedly vacations… and we’re rudely awakened by someone, who informs us that if we aren’t ready in half-an-hour, we’d miss the sunrise. ‘Damn the sunrise. Naan sunset pathukaren, it’ll be just as beautiful’ nu sonna kekka mattangale… There was a time when I was up, ready, off and waiting at 4:30 AM.. Can you believe it? 4 :30 AM, for a sunrise? Okay, I concede it was one of the best I’ve ever seen (atop the Tiger hills at Darjeeling )… Hmm… seri, I’ll actually go further and say it was THE best I’ve ever witnessed… irundhalum, naalrai mani… ippo nenacha kooda azhugaiya varudhu…

(deep breath) Trust me people, I’m not a professional cribber or anything. I know I’d give Huthas a run for his money at this rate…. but I usually hate to crib. But for a nightbird like me, and a certified sleep-lover, waking up at unholy hours is THE limit.


9 Responses to “Monday morning blues…”

  1. Tamizhan said

    wokay wokay, take it easy ma. I have an idea for you. Join a call centre and ask for the 12 am shift (yes they do exist). That way you dont have to wake up in the morning!

  2. VeeKay said

    vidu vidu. Naama kai la enna irukku

  3. F e r r a r i said

    Yabba. Kaalaila ezhundhukaradhu pathi ivlo feelings aa?
    Actally I feel work hours should be like morning 9 to 1 and evening 4 to 8 😀

  4. Uma said

    Ferrari, it would be better if work was just say 12 to 4 🙂 Madhu, I don’t like morning either 😦

  5. VeeKay said

    I like working early in the morning. WFH na even I will be happy.

    Vidunga Ferrari, ellarum nammala maadhiri surusurupa irupaangala.

  6. Madhu said

    Vijay, edha vechu Ferrari surusurupanavar nu solra? Andha madhri theriyalaye..

    Tamizhan, neenga seriousa soneengala illa enna kindal paneengala theriyala, but I’d prefer an all-nite shift anyday. Waking up is the problem… 😦

  7. Tamizhan said

    madhu, as a guy who used to work at a call center and liked it, i am very serious. waking up is the most dificult thing for me too. sometimes i bunk class jus bcoz i wanna sleep….

  8. Prabu Karthik said

    waking up in the morning is never a problem for me. eppo paduthaalum morning 6,6:30
    but waking up in the afternoon irukkey!!!
    idhaaleye office mudinchu veetuku vara late agudhu
    btw unga manager kitte pesanum mukiyamaana “assets” for the project opinion ellam sure a consider pannuvaanga

  9. Madhu said

    Prabu! Unga office urupatta madhri dhan… Adhan vera company poreengalo 😉

    Btw, indha ‘asset to the team’ adhu idhellam summa feedback veraikum dhan. WFH nu naan pechu edutha, siripanga…

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