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vettEEE updates…

Posted by AtPeace on August 18, 2005

Okie, there’s one more story on the vettEEEs. Ellarum ennoda soga kadhaiya kelunga, idho inga. Jolly-a oru kalyanathuku pona naan, epdi sogame uruvana madhri veliye vandhen-ngradhu dhan kadhai.

And Krish had advice on how to handle the war I wage every morning. Hmm… oru official advisor range ku ayitu varan, la…? Anyways, with his permission, here’s a part of our chat yesterday :

Krish : i jus read ur post ..hilarious
me : which one?
Krish : i suffer frm the same problem
me : morning blues?
Krish : but i found a remedy re
Krish : if at all u get up
Krish : see
Krish : u get up rite
me : of course i do… i don’t die in my sleep..
Krish : say at 7.30
Krish : then ur brain will have a struggle goin on between 2 sides
Krish : one will remind u to work
Krish : one wud want u 2 sleep
me : there r no 2 sides…
me : only 1
me : 😀
me : seri.. so
Krish : so wot u do
Krish : when its battling
me : ditch both and sleep?
Krish : make it a point to get up and run to bathroom and wash ur face
me : haha!
Krish : dont even think
me : hmmm…
Krish : ur sleepy side will always win if u dont do it
Krish : i have found this
me : hmmm…
me : seri, will try it 2m morning..
Krish : after that if u start sleeping no one can save u
me : vera vazhiye illaya?
Krish : no way 😉

Okay, I didn’t try it this morning, as I actually woke up at 6:30 AM. Nethu naal polambina polambal-la, some internal alarm was set nu nenaikaren. aar-rai mani ku thaana ezhundhutten. So,I haven’t had a chance to try this today. Will try this sometime next week, Krish!!

And oh, I almost forgot to mention Raam’s comment on the ‘Ada Raama’ post. Here it is :

Raam: well, you pretty much described the incident the way it was.. Except for the fact that i was a little surprised that nee enna avalova vaarala nu 😉

Kavala padadha, nanba, innum evlovo iruku life la… unna vaarama enakku thookam varuma, sollu?


3 Responses to “vettEEE updates…”

  1. Neha said

    lol @ the conv. rushing to vettees to check the new post 🙂

  2. DL said

    hi madhu,
    nice work..keep bloggin more..
    and one more gr8 idea to beat the early mornin blues..tat works for me 🙂
    kann muzicha odane..comp open panni,mail chk pannu..orkut poi paaru..blog padi..

  3. Madhu said

    Neha, 🙂

    Dpak, hehe… Krish sonna idea work our agumo illayo, nee sonnadhu kandipa work agum!! 😉

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