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Posted by AtPeace on August 19, 2005

Aaargggh… I’ve been spending close to 2 hours on this new template tweaking it like crazy. For a person who does not have any clue about html, it’s a pretty arduous task. I would have thought I was doing considerably well, if not for these two irritants –
* see the ‘Pages I frequent’ list in the sidebar? It’s got no padding to the right. And I’m clueless as to how to stop the words from entangling themselves on the right edge, as obviously, this list is picked up from my blogroll. (I’m making a mental note to check blogroll soon.) I have also removed the HP excerpt for the same reason. Will have it back as soon as I figure out a way to do this. (Or if I give up in the process.)
* and there’s this huuuuge space after my blog, before the comments. And this happens with the first post on the page only… happening with both the main and the archive pages. Irukara space la pudhu blog-e ezhudhidalam poliruku…

Oh, by the way, how does this new template look? It’s not my goal in life to keep changing my template every week, but then, I saw this on someone’s blog and fell in love with the template. And you see where it’s led me. I’m yet to make it exactly the way I want it to be…. but I’m almost there. If any of you have any clues about the above two problems I’m facing, kindly let me know.

Comments on the template are welcome. I, for one, think it looks cool and is pleasing on the eye. (Krish, indha dhadavayum nee edhavadhu sonna en template pathi, adi vanguva.)


17 Responses to “Phew….”

  1. kr!sh said


  2. F e r r a r i said

    Nice template

    Regarding the space. Modhal dhukkum rendavadhukkum podhiya idaivelai? 😀

  3. Madhu said

    Ferrari! Neenga pora route-e seri illa!!!

  4. Somu said

    Dark background and black fonts make it difficult to read !!!

  5. Prabu Karthik said


    adi vaanginaalum parava illa. indha template….
    seri naan adi vangalai…

    naan indha template code parkalai so am not sure, mudincha en mail id ku anupavum. i can try something..

    for starters..

    a)# content css class id la evlo padding irukku?

    b)#blog header/h1/p ellam padding evlo irukku?margin?

    body {

    la font-size define pannavum, letter-spacing nu attribute define pannavum
    line height yum adjust pannavum…

    blog roll kum css class id archive-list nu kuduthu paarkavum…

    these are the typical problem areas..

    indha template the most attractive and yet the most complicated, difficult to read template.

    yaaruku theriyum blogger madhiriyo ennavo…am not sure though… 😀

  6. F e r r a r i said


    Naan engayume pogalai 😀 Neenga dhaan level aa talk a reenga 😀

  7. Madhu said

    Somu, me’s heart broken.

    Waaahhh… Prabu edho CSS, margin, padding nu lam solraru… anegama enna asinga asingama thittararu nu nenaikaren.. 😦

    Ayya Ferrari, idhu thangaluke nyayamaga padugiradha?

  8. Tamizhan said

    madhu, in one word, AWESOME. That ripple effect has that calming effect on my soul…hey btw, my templete is missing the blogcommentauthor tag or somethign like that. can u help? 🙂

  9. Neha said

    baesh baesh romba nanna irukkae 🙂

  10. VeeKay said

    Top of the page la reipple effect bayangara scene-a irukku, but as Somu said, dark bg with black fonts is a pain.

  11. Madhu said

    Thanks! I have left you a comment abt the blogcommentauthor thing.. Check it out..

    idha.. idha.. idha than naan edhir pathen! 😉 Nandri!

    I’m contemplating abt the font colour (white, perhaps?) but *shrug*… I dunno if I’ll change anyth at all.. Let’s see..

  12. ada-paavi!!!! said

    pakka nalla irukku inda template,
    but difficult to read, agree wit somu, c if u can change the font colour to white.

  13. WA said

    I like it. The Blue is awesome and I have no problems reading 🙂

  14. Praveen said

    Me likes the template!! Nalla dhaan keedhu 🙂

    And andha huuuge space…post-kum comments-kum podhiya idaivelai in accordance with kudumba kattupaadu vaariyam 😀

  15. Tamizhan said

    prav, dude this comment already copyrighted by ferrar! madhu, thanks i can see my comment authors now! you are GOOD.

  16. Madhu said

    Praveen, thanks.

    Scudie, *blush*

  17. Madhu said

    Vatsan, thanks for the advice but I don’t really think I’ll change the font colour… I somehow like it this way..

    Uma, Thanks! 🙂

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