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Ondra renda kelvigal…

Posted by AtPeace on August 23, 2005

iru vizhigalum vizhigalum inaindhana…
iru imaigalum imaigalum thigaithana…‘*


idhula slight doubt enakku… adheppadi iru vizhigal/imaigal… kanakku thappa varudhe… shouldn’t it be two pairs of eyes… assuming that our hero/heroine/whomever are not visually handicapped, idheppadi possible?


(* – the opening lines of the song ‘Yaaridamum’ from ‘Thotti Jaya’)




Indha ‘VITOMINE – Active clothing for men’ apdinu city la anganga hoardings iruke… (by Chennai silks, I guess…) adhula irukara model namma* Arya-va?


(* Hehe… I just wanted you to note the usage of the phrase ‘namma Arya’.. avlo dhan… 😉 Last week ‘Ullam Ketkume’ patha after effects… 😀 I still haven’t seen ‘Arindhum Ariyamalum’ yet. ‘Life-a waste panreenga, Madhu’, V said wistfully yesterday… Hmmm….)




Captain-oda movie ‘Perarasu’ eppo release agudhu?




And about my struggle with the template to remove those spaces, I’ll forever be indebted to Vijai for pointing out to me that the problem was only with Firefox. There are no spaces when viewed with IE. (I wasted 3 hrs on this and might have spent more, if not for him! Avanoda style-laye sollanum na, ‘Nandri hai’… hehe…)


8 Responses to “Ondra renda kelvigal…”

  1. Harish said

    1.I m yet to listen this song
    2.Yup..adhu namma Arya vae thaan…(ivan ennikki punch dialogue pesi saavadikka poraano)
    3.Naangalum antha nagaichuvai padathukku thaan kaathukitu irukkom..long time before saw narasimha..apparam avarum enda taramaana nagaichuvai padam tharala 🙂
    4.I too saw it in firefox…but thought u left it deliberately 🙂

  2. Tamizhan said

    madhu idhu nyaayame illai. firefoxum safarium use panravanga enna kenaya? Request you to make the template usable to users of other browsers as well..

  3. Madhu said

    Harish, ella kelvikum badhil sonnadhuku romba nandri. Mukkiyama Arya matter clear pannadhuku thanks… 🙂

    Grrr… Scudie! Naane html thollai vittudhu nu sandhoshama iruken… ipdi paduthareengale… IE la work aaradhu Firefox la work aagala na, adhuku naan enna panna mudiyum? idhu nyayame illa!!! 😦

  4. ada-paavi!!!! said

    1)lyricist ellam logic pakka mattengal, neengalum pattu kekacha yoiska kudathu, only listen to music and enjoy, logic\yosicha indian cinemapakka mudiyathu

    2)adu arya

    3)perarasu deepavaliikku release, (pattus madri bomb aaga porathu)

    4)i tot that gap was there for us to think and post comments (to avoid nonesense,)

  5. Tamizhan said

    Answer is in the kostin!

    the lyrics are “iru vizhigalum vizhigalum”. Vizhigal, for your info, implies a pair of eyes.

  6. Madhu said

    hmmm… you mean it’s plural, so it’s a pair..? hmmm… plausible but doesn’t convince me!

  7. F e r r a r i said


    Ippadi think panni paarunga. Hero left side la (vizhigal)
    Right side la herohini (iru vizhigal)

    Rendu perum avlo close aa varaanga. Their face almost together. Appo vizhigal inayanum dhaane?
    (Mooku idikume appaidnu cross question panna koodadhu)

  8. Madhu said

    Ferrari, kelvi kettadhu en thappu dhan. Aala vidungo!

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