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Meendum oru kadhal kadhai…

Posted by AtPeace on September 28, 2005

As my blogreaders must be knowing, me’s a major Anil Kumble fan. After the heartbreak I got during my 2nd year of college, when the dhrogi got married, I have been roaming around the planet like… a lost, beaten, broken, shattered soul…. in search for eternal peace…. barely managing to carry on with life*….

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Why me?

Posted by AtPeace on September 28, 2005

Yen enakku nu ipdi ellam nadakudhu? yen enakku mattum… yen yen yen…

*sigh* Well, this is the story. After seeing this on Visithra‘s blog, I was naturally curious to check out my 23rd blog and its 5th sentence…

(1. Delve into your blog archive.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions. )

And guess what it turned out to be?

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Women and…. the rest (part – 2)

Posted by AtPeace on September 25, 2005

Yes, I picked this up from Siva‘s blog. But this is by no means a retort to Siva, it’s intended for all readers of the male gender. (So, Siva, if you find anything offensive, it’s not aimed at you, but at all men.) And here’s his original post on women.

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Women and….. driving (part – 1)

Posted by AtPeace on September 24, 2005

This post is in response to Siva’s post on women’s driving, amongst a hundred other complaints he has about women. He’s by no means the only one who’s got complaints against women drivers. Here‘s what dear old Praveen has to say on the subject. And I’m sure several others would have ranted away similarly.In response to posts of this kind, I have only this to say –

* I think it’s high time people begin looking at bad women drivers (and bad male drivers) as just bad drivers and not as women/men. Ditch the gender bias, people.

(Mmmm…. Maybe you should try to reflect on what you’ve just read for a few seconds before you continue reading.)

* Anyone who still has complaints about women drivers should see chennai’s auto drivers (most of whom are male, need I add?). Period.

I rest my case.

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Posted by AtPeace on September 23, 2005

Ohh… thank you, thank you, thank you…

Aah, please, it’s nothing…

Thank you so very much…

Please, please… please be seated…

Now, really, it’s enough…

Adada…. clap panninadhu podhum pa…

(audience encore finally dies down)

(For the dumbos who haven’t realised yet….)

Me crossed 2000 hits today (in exactly two months… the counter was set up on 23 July)!!! Yipeee….

(Odane ellarum alpama treat kekkadheenga! Congratulate pannunga pa…!!!)

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‘Anyone else want to say it?’

Posted by AtPeace on September 23, 2005

Forget the comments I received, this more or less sums up the response I received for my previous post.

(click on the image to enlarge)

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Kathirikka… Kathirikka… Gundu kathirikka…

Posted by AtPeace on September 19, 2005

Take it from me – for every girl who’s conscious/supposed to be conscious about her age, there are ten guys worried about their weight. And it’s downright hilarious.

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Posted by AtPeace on September 12, 2005

P peeped his head through the door, appearing extremely apprehensive. He was greeted with our warm smiles. As he kept looking around suspiciously, my smile was replaced with curiosity and amusement. ‘Enna, P? Ulla va’, I invited him to our room.
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Engirundhu vandhayada…

Posted by AtPeace on September 11, 2005

Now, this one’s from the movie ‘5 star’… There are a few other songs in this movie that are good, (particularly ‘Thiru thiruda’ and ‘Rayile rayile’) but I like this one loads better. Cos of the good lyrics. Ok, ppl, won’t take up any more space…. read on.

Engirundhu vandhayada.. enai paadu padutha… nee enai paadu padutha…
Engu kondu sendraiyada… enai thedi eduka… naan enai thedi edukka…
Inbam thunbam thunbam inbam inbam endru nee
sogam rendum kuduka… sugam rendum kuduka…

Vaanavillai aalum vannam ezhaai pennum…
irundhal… innum vaanin azhagu koodum…
Suttu viralai neeyum kattai viralai naanum…
ezhudhum… edhuvum kavidhaiyaga maarum..
vidamale unai… thodarndhidum enai…
ore oru murai… manadhinil ninai..
Ennai enna seydhayada….

Vaasal vazhaiyodu vaarthai aadalachu…
iniyum pesa pudhiya kadhaigal edhu…
Oruvar vaazhum ulagil mounam dhane pechu…
mozhigal edharku iruvar inaiyum podhu…
Vizhakalilil ival… thanithirukiral…
kanaakalilil dhinam… vizhithirukiral…
Ennai enna seydhayada…

You may, of course, find the song on Raaga, Coolgoose and the like.

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Posted by AtPeace on September 10, 2005

Tamizh Kudimagan (who has recently re-titled his blog to Tamizhan, for reasons he wouldn’t reveal clearly) tagged me. So, here goes…Seven things I plan to do before I die :
1. Involve actively in social service. (No, I’m not talking about giving away some of my money… I mean much more than that.)
2. Adopt a child.
3. A long drive down ECR with you-know-who [Actually, you-don’t-know-who… after all, even I-don’t-know-who 😦 ]
4. Travel.
5. Learn to cook (hehe!)
6. Try my hand at various things… like bungee-jumping, parachuting, scuba-diving etc etc…
Actually, 7 is too less a number to write things I want to do before I die. So, I’ll sum it up with this :
7. live life the way I want.

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