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Ramya Kalyana Vaibhogame…

Posted by AtPeace on September 9, 2005

When words fail, what do I do? Resort to photos, of course. Ramya’s wedding was as emotional an event to me as it was to her family. Hence, friends, I will just post some photos to take you through the ceremonies I was around for…

Ramya and Vijay at the reception..

With the vettEEEs…


Ammi midhithu…

Right after the wedding…

Post-wedding meal..

(@ the nalangu) the Treasure hunt is on….

… all for a lollipop!!!

The apple of our eye…

People, join me in wishing the couple a happy married life!

8 Responses to “Ramya Kalyana Vaibhogame…”

  1. VeeKay said


    Idhu vera R vera V ya ?? hmmm. Neways, convey my wishes to them.

  2. Madhu said

    vera R vera V na? I know only two R-V pairs. one is, of course, this couple. and the other is, of course….

  3. Badrinath.V.S said

    i envy the Veteees, ur batch, if only my batch was this close 😦

  4. Madhu said

    Shhh… Badri, kannu vekkadha!!!

  5. Prabu Karthik said

    my favorite snap is the ‘post wedding meal’ snap.
    apart from the pair, i cud make a connection between the meal and the tummy of the person standing behind. good one 😉

  6. Madhu said

    Ayya Prabh avargale, andha tummy-oda owner Ramya voda appa!!!

  7. Prabu Karthik said

    enakku apavey oru doubt

    actualla comment la ‘whoever that person is ‘ nu oru line ad pannirundhen.. editingla poiruchu…

  8. Shan K S said

    Ha Ha…. Finally Ramya too got Married…. :))

    My heartiest Congrats to u…
    — shan

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