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Posted by AtPeace on September 10, 2005

Tamizh Kudimagan (who has recently re-titled his blog to Tamizhan, for reasons he wouldn’t reveal clearly) tagged me. So, here goes…Seven things I plan to do before I die :
1. Involve actively in social service. (No, I’m not talking about giving away some of my money… I mean much more than that.)
2. Adopt a child.
3. A long drive down ECR with you-know-who [Actually, you-don’t-know-who… after all, even I-don’t-know-who 😦 ]
4. Travel.
5. Learn to cook (hehe!)
6. Try my hand at various things… like bungee-jumping, parachuting, scuba-diving etc etc…
Actually, 7 is too less a number to write things I want to do before I die. So, I’ll sum it up with this :
7. live life the way I want.

Seven things I can do : (but don’t)
1. Control my temper
2. Stop lazing around
3. Stop procrastinating
Here are the rest of the seven that I can do and actually do:
4. Laugh like mad
5. Forgive/forget when people hurt me
6. Talk
(Yeah, right, it doesn’t total upto 7. So?)

Seven things I cannot do :
1. Control my temper
2. Wake up early
3. Lie
4. Pretend
5. Forgive myself when I hurt others
6. Act feminine 😦
7. Taste beer again. (yuck, it sucks!)

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex :
1. Intelligence
2. Common Sense
3. Sense of humour
4. Ability to hold interesting conversations (on anything, actually)
5. An enthu for life… enthu to learn/explore people, places, activities, things… in short, an enthu to live life.
huh.. well, that’s all. Period. (seri, okay, good looks will help. but that’s honestly all.)

Seven characteristics I cannot stand/dislike :
1. Hypocrisy
2. Dishonesty
3. Chauvinism
4. Intolerance/Narrow-mindedness
5. Selfishness
6. Whining
7. Indecisiveness

Seven of my favourite quotes :
1. Live and let live.
2. Differences of habit and language are nothing if our aims are identical and our hearts are open. (-Albus Dumbledore (J.K.Rowling), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)
3. The heart has its reasons, that reason knows not of…
4. If you judge people, you have no time to love them. (-Mother Teresa)
5. No man is worth your tears and the one who is, will never let you cry….
6. There is no key to happiness. The door is always open.
7. Life is too short to be spent worrying.
(Seri, the last two ‘seven’s were not in the original ‘format’. I added it.)

Seven things I say most : (as of the moment)
1. Close
2. Odi po!
3. Karmam
4. Kevalavadhi
5. M
6. Ditch
7. Un moonjila en left hand-a vekka.

Seven Celebrity Crushes : (why only celebrities? I will write about any crushes I feel like.)
1. Surya
2. Arjun Rampal
3. Madhavan
4. Ajit (once upon a time… long long ago…)
5. Arya (*blush*)
6. B, my first ‘real’ crush (in college)
7. S, my second ‘real’ crush (in college again)
(Anil Kumble per enga nu yosikadheenga… it cannot be classified under an alpamana heading as crush… adhu unmayana, thooimayana, punidhamana kaadhal.)

And, no, I’m not tagging any poor, unsuspecting souls. Consider yourself tagged if you wish.

(By the way, people, what’s with seven?)


15 Responses to “Aarambichutangapa!”

  1. VeeKay said

    B theriyum, S yaaru ?

  2. Madhu said

    Unakkum B-yum theriyadhu, S-um theriyadhu, so, adangs 😉

  3. Tamizhan said

    seven dislikes, quotes yaaravdhu kettangla? summa gap kadacha ezhudi uda vendiyadhu!

    ya beer tastes yuck, so only whiskey beediya?

    adhu enna M? neengalam thirunadhave maateengala?

    andha quotes edho greeting card lendhu eduthaa maari irukke…

  4. Madhu said

    waitees, waitees… romba vettiya irukeengala? ipdi dhan adukite poveengala?? phew…
    and naan enna vena ezhudhuven… this is my blog… unga comments-a yaaravdhu kettangla? odi ponga! Hmph!!!
    (btw, yaara pathu whiskey nu solreenga… naangalam only vodka.)

  5. nagilan said

    aama athu kevalavadhiya.. illa kevalavidhiya.. rendume correcta than paduthu

  6. VeeKay said

    Scudie !! Super da Super da. Gud comments.


    Enaku B theriyaadhu nu nee assume pannikaadhe Ogay. And veruma M nu pota enna artham ? Where r the stars ??

  7. Madhu said

    Vijai/Scudie, ellam plan panni dhan panreengala…. innum ethana per pa kelambi irukeenga ipdi?

    and Vijai, AFAIK, you don’t and possibly can’t know B (unless I told you who it was myself and later forgot..)

    and I say only M. 🙂 Hence, no stars.

  8. Madhu said

    Nagilan, it is kevalavadhi. ana adhuku meaning ellam kekkapdadhu.

  9. Madhu said

    Scudie, is this (“Tamizh Kudimagan (who has recently re-titled his blog to Tamizhan, for reasons he wouldn’t reveal clearly) tagged me.”) the reason for your vicious attack? Tag-um pannitu thittavum thittuveengala… Cha!

  10. The Thinking Runner said

    Interesting list. By the way, I’m Shankar, who was on the same OSU mailing list as you were a few years ago. I believe I left a comment about it on your previous blog (on rediff). I tried looking it up again recently, but I guess you’d taken it down. A quick google search led me here, and I thought I’d just say hello.

  11. Tamizhan said

    Madhu ennadhu idhu oru kindlakku sonna ipdi tenshun?

    sorry if i was a bit abrasive, thonithu ezhudhinen avlavu dhaan.

    romba feel paana vendaam, venumna tag vapas vaangikkaren…

    amaan, enna brand vodka? 😉

  12. Somu said

    Do you say “un moonjila en left-hand” or the actual “en peechaankaiya” ??

    Hate beer ? Aww the same drive through the ECR after a mug of beer (ofcourse someone else is driving)… hmm heavenly !!!

    Ajit is just going through a bad patch… Just await his Tirupathi… Am sure he is gonna rock… Hope you had a look at him after his 18 Kg reduction ?

    After reading through the comments, am just wondering if “adangs” is also one of the commnly used words ? :o)

  13. Madhu said

    oh, well, hello shankar. welcome to my blog.:)

  14. Madhu said

    Scudie, chill. Summa scene potten.
    Btw, vodka brand unakkedhukku? I thought you are no longer Tamizh kudimagan…

  15. Madhu said

    Do you say …
    Somu!! Naan evlo regent blog vechiruken… ipdi galeej-a pesareenga… Cha, cha, what an insult… (and I say only left hand.)

    Hate beer ? …
    *shrug* to each, his own. I prefer vodka anyday. 😀

    Hope you had a look at him after his 18 Kg reduction..
    Oor la irukaravanga weight lose pannapram avangala pakkaradhu dhan enakku velaiya?

    if “adangs” is also one of the commnly used words ?
    ye, buddy, the eighth.

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