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Posted by AtPeace on September 12, 2005

P peeped his head through the door, appearing extremely apprehensive. He was greeted with our warm smiles. As he kept looking around suspiciously, my smile was replaced with curiosity and amusement. ‘Enna, P? Ulla va’, I invited him to our room.
‘Are there any cocky boys around?’, he asked.
‘WHAT?’, reacted D in absolute shock. ‘What?‘, I repeated a little softly…. surely, I had heard wrong?
‘Cocky boys here?’ There was no mistaking what I heard. D and I kept staring at P, waiting for some explanation. S was the only one who seemed to have understood what he meant, as she started laughing at the expressions on our faces. We were simply aghast. I turned and looked enquiringly at S. What on earth was going on? After laughing a short while, amused at our expressions, S clarified – ‘he’s asking if there are any cockroaches in our room’.

‘Pathetic’, I ejaculated. ‘Terrible’, added D. As we both gave him dirty looks, P slowly entered the room, still apprehensive. He grinned on seeing our looks of disgust. ‘Yen ivlo perverted-a irukeenga?’

I struggled to find speech. Couldn’t think of words strong enough to berate the chap. Thankfully, D had taken it upon herself and was doing just what I intended. But he wouldn’t agree. ‘Adheppadi… S ku purinjudhu la.. you are the ones who are perverted’. We threw dirty looks at S, one of the most perverted beings I’ve ever known. (When she had originally landed in chennai, she was like this pucca pattikadu, so much so that P still calls her ‘patiks’. We had to educate her on several aspects of life. Now, of course, she’s the expert, finding double and more than often, multiple meanings in absolutely harmless sentences.)

Ellathayum vidunga, makkale, let S be the saint here. But heck, I mean, dash it, how on earth is anyone supposed to comprehend his phrase to mean cockroaches??? And when we understand it the only way any normal person can, we are called perverts!!!



16 Responses to “Guys!!!!”

  1. Harish said

    cha cha, what a dirty mind u have 😛

  2. Neha said

    gosh! I never thot u wud be such a pervert 😉

  3. Ganesh said

    thanks for dropping by

  4. WA said

    oooh Madhu I have to echo what Harish and Neha have already said, perverted thoughts mate, that is what it is 🙂

    I didn’t figure it out to be the innocent cockroaches though but thought he was talking about someone over confident and cheeky! But still no perverted thoughts, in that case am I a saint too? 🙂

  5. kr!sh said

    Wicked naickeru..

    Cocky means overconfidence by any stretch ;-)!!

    And please remove the word “ejaculate”.. Why would you.. You probably meant to use something else :-))))))

  6. Tamizhan said

    yawn…madhu summa controversy kalappi hits increase panriya, SJ Suryah maadri?

    work out aagum nu nanaikiren 😉

  7. Somu said

    Madhu, am even scared to ask ya “WHAT’s UP” for fear of some lewd response !!!

    Cha poor P, his fear of cocky boys has been so much misunderstood !!

    Girls !!!

  8. Madhu said

    @Harish/Neha, pozhachu ponga. aasai thambi/thangaiya poiteenga.. thitta manasu varala…

    @Ganesh, you’re welcome, buddy!

    @Uma, err… to be honest, I was reminded of the cheeky/overconfident meaning only after u pointed it out!!! hehe…

  9. Madhu said

    @Krish, poruki dog-e… every single word in ur comment has a hundred meanings… nee enna solriya perverted nu??? Neram!!!!

    @Scudie, DhrOGi!!

    @Somu, sorry, ‘WHAT’s UP’ nu sollitu nakkala siricha, engalala ore meaning dhan yosika mudiyum. 😉

  10. VeeKay said

    Madhu, this is one of your best posts. Keep it up.

  11. Somu said

    The answers that I wud have given for such a question

    “The sky’s up”
    “The roof’s up”

    What was that orey meaning that u had in mind… Cha ! Nallathukku kaalam illa !

  12. F e r r a r i said

    Enakku cocky boy appadinu sonna udane I was reminded me of seval. Edho biriyani saapadra aasaila kaettaar appadinu nenachen 😀
    Nesammmmaaaa 😀

  13. Madhu said

    Habba! Nee oruthanavadhu scene podama irukiye.. Nandri hai.

    slight-a idhu konjam overa illaya? manasatchi nu onnu suthama kedaiyadha pa?

    Yes, boss, nambitten.

  14. Sriram said

    Worstest-u! You say “Guys!!” at the end.. me should also echo Uma, harish and neha, (too many echoes???).. anyways, I cocky also means arrogant.. (there.. I’m sure you knew about, but still…)..

  15. Raam said

    Karmam! 😛

  16. Madhu said

    Dho da… Enna aalaluku vitta pesite poreenga?
    Sriram, niruthunga!
    Raam, close.

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