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Posted by AtPeace on September 23, 2005

Ohh… thank you, thank you, thank you…

Aah, please, it’s nothing…

Thank you so very much…

Please, please… please be seated…

Now, really, it’s enough…

Adada…. clap panninadhu podhum pa…

(audience encore finally dies down)

(For the dumbos who haven’t realised yet….)

Me crossed 2000 hits today (in exactly two months… the counter was set up on 23 July)!!! Yipeee….

(Odane ellarum alpama treat kekkadheenga! Congratulate pannunga pa…!!!)


7 Responses to “Oooohhh….”

  1. Jagan said

    alpamam erutha enna .. TREAT enge.. i got this blog as i was just browsing .. keep bloggin .. its good

  2. VeeKay said

    So wat???

  3. Prabu Karthik said

    naicker ammavukku oru ‘O’..

    ‘vettikadhaigal’ um seekiram indhu pla pala milestones dhaanda en vazhthukkal

  4. Somu said

    Clap clap ! Congrats !

  5. Tamizhan said

    rendaayaram adichtu aadaama irukkura madhukku OHO!

  6. Madhu said

    aha… vandhutanya vandhutanya…

    Periya aal aana odane pazhasa marakka koodadhu, Vijai… nee 5000 cross pannita, 2000 sappai matter ana madhri pesara… Odi po.

    hehe…. indha comment ezhudharadhuku ungala enna paadu paduthinen nu enakku dhan theriyum… anyways, thanks!

  7. Madhu said

    Nandri. (And congrats to you too, on your new car.)

    yaarume en modesty-a purinjuka mattengara… 😦 neeyavadhu purinjukitiye .. thanks…

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