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Women and….. driving (part – 1)

Posted by AtPeace on September 24, 2005

This post is in response to Siva’s post on women’s driving, amongst a hundred other complaints he has about women. He’s by no means the only one who’s got complaints against women drivers. Here‘s what dear old Praveen has to say on the subject. And I’m sure several others would have ranted away similarly.In response to posts of this kind, I have only this to say –

* I think it’s high time people begin looking at bad women drivers (and bad male drivers) as just bad drivers and not as women/men. Ditch the gender bias, people.

(Mmmm…. Maybe you should try to reflect on what you’ve just read for a few seconds before you continue reading.)

* Anyone who still has complaints about women drivers should see chennai’s auto drivers (most of whom are male, need I add?). Period.

I rest my case.


10 Responses to “Women and….. driving (part – 1)”

  1. VeeKay said

    Good one Madhu. Why take the case of Auto drivers alone ? Wat about the 2 wheeler drivers, majority of whom are males ?

  2. Somu said

    Madhu, why dont give a link to my driving lessons… Bad driving is very much a part of my not so appreciated talents 😉

  3. Ramo said

    You should also remember that women drivers don’t get any lashing for their mistakes…modesty is always there for them…
    not the other case around…pirichiruvanunga!..

  4. Tamizhan said

    Why stop at Auto drivers? water tankers, MTC bus drivers etc. etc. Stop the chauvinism guys!

    Madhu, ditch use pannaama irukka mudiyaadha? 🙂

  5. Madhu said

    Well yeah, 2 wheelers, truck drivers nu neraya sollalam, but auto drivers are the best. Andha cycle gap la auto ottaradha varthaiyala solla mudiyadhu!!

    hehe.. Somu, I honestly didn’t expect ipdi oru support! 🙂 Seekiram nalla otta kathukonga… (I meant your Opel, of course))

  6. Madhu said

    mmm… err… huh… well, slight-a enna solla vareenga?

    enna Scudie ipdi kettuta. Nee solli naan seyyama irupena? Dho ippove, I’ll ditch the word…. Enna ok dhane? 😉

  7. Sathish said

    Is Driver masculine or feminine??

  8. Madhu said

    Idhenna French-a, ellathukum gender iruka?

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  10. I know this is a very old post but then still decided to comment given that i landed to your page only now. guess i am excused for that..
    the statement made by you “as just bad drivers and not as women/men” cannot be said better. The issue is of perception and really not the truth. there may be a higher % of bad women drivers just because their number itself is much smaller. thats not the case. I have spoken to heads of call centers who even said that the current drivers male to be precise) whom they define as “unguided missiles on the road”. nothing can be guaranteed from the moment the missile takes off and reaches the destination. so one of the solution is to appoint women drivers since they are definitely better of.
    So you have a point 🙂

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