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Women and…. the rest (part – 2)

Posted by AtPeace on September 25, 2005

Yes, I picked this up from Siva‘s blog. But this is by no means a retort to Siva, it’s intended for all readers of the male gender. (So, Siva, if you find anything offensive, it’s not aimed at you, but at all men.) And here’s his original post on women.

Women and …
…Driving/Riding skills (Most can’t, even if they do… u know what)

Here‘s my response.

…Parking skills

I have never parked a vehicle myself, being in the category of those-who-do-not-know-how-to-drive. But I do think it’s a tough thing to do. At least, it looks like it. Please leave me a comment if you were an astounding driver and managed to park your car perfectly in the middle of the parking slot the very first time in your life, and I’ll dedicate some post to your name.

…What they find to be cute ?

Oh, give us a break, guys. It’s just an adjective we choose to use. When guys can find boxing and stock markets fascinating, pray tell me why girls shouldn’t find babies and flowers cute? We don’t go around raving ‘Mennnn… how on earth can they like football and gadgets? It irks me no end.’ We understand. Well, if we don’t, we accept. And we let you be. So, why the dash can’t you let us be?


ROTFL… Girls kum computers kum sambhandham illa nu endha dash sonnadhu?


Hmmm… let us see…. how many women have turned up late for team meetings… or maybe classes….? If your gf makes you wait, ask her why. Don’t generalize.


This is the easiest of all to explain, actually. We don’t pretend, nor see the need to. If we’re hurt, we say so. If we’re deeply hurt, we cry.

(Haha! Yaar kitta vandhu enna pechu pesareenga…. =)) okay, okay, I was joking.)

I guess women have enough commonsense to realize the health problems that alcohol (and cigarettes) can bring.

…their dolls

What dolls? You mean soft toys that we choose to have? Ye, I have a Nemo at home and I think he’s the cutest soft toy ever made on planet earth. So, what’s your problem? (We’re not gifting you teddies and nemos for your b’day, are we? You get watches and CDs, don’t you? Just take it and STFU.)


Hmmm… I honestly don’t know if more girls than guys are addicted to SMS. I have seen enough people of either gender who use SMS a lot. But if it’s true that more girls use SMS, it’s probably just that girls find the written medium equally comfortable.


Hmmm… tough one. Ok, I have to agree this is quite common amongst girls. Why? I do not know. I have seen enough gossipers to admit this. (Happy, guys?)


If we don’t find something interesting/useful, we don’t waste time on it.

…talking straight
…knowing when and what to
…chocolates, and biriyani
…the ATM

[I have no clue what the author wanted to say when he wrote these four… ‘talking straight’ na? Does it mean we do/do not talk straight? What’s the complaint? Yeah, we love chocolates… don’t you? And what’s with ATM and biriyani? 🙂 ]

I just can’t end this post without this calvin strip.

(click on the image to enlarge)

There there… Susie Derkins has summed it up perfectly, hasn’t she? 🙂

PS : I am starting my very own He-She series soon, inspired by Ferrari, Vee-Jay and now, Uma. But it going to be kinda different. Watch this space for more!


13 Responses to “Women and…. the rest (part – 2)”

  1. Peelamedu_bulls said

    pengal naattin kangal…
    avangalai pathi thappu thappa sollapadhu…

  2. WA said

    Nice one Madhu. Computerskkum womenkkum sambandham illennu ellam vera sollittu irukaangala??? They will wake up to reality one day. Haven’t read Siva’s post yet, will check it out now

    How come Peela is being nice nowadays? Enna achu? 🙂

  3. Tamizhan said

    enna madhu kadaseela message illa?

    Ok let me give this post’s message

    Adhigama aasai patta aanum adhigama kova patta pombalaiyum nalla irundhadhaa saritramey illa!

  4. vee-jay said

    Good luck with your He-She.. Looking forward to your series 🙂

  5. Sriram said

    COuldn’t resist the calvin pic on your profile… I have the same one as a screensaver on my phone :D… nice post.. Being on the other side of the coin, I do say there are a lot of generalizations made… especially about women drivers.. There are many who are bad, but that doesn’t mean all are bad. right? cheers!

  6. VeeKay said

    Enna sollardhu Madhu ? Gud post. Indha maadhiri generalization dosent work out. But it will take time for men to realise that there are some shortcomings on thier(our) side too and stop referring to women as the weaker sex.

    IMHO, women are 1000 times stronger than men.

  7. nagilan said

    “naicker nallavanga, vallavanga, nermaiyanavanga”

    sigh!! alpam intha ponnunga

  8. Harish said

    enakku orae malarum ninavugals.. 6th std-la gals-um boy-sum ipadi thaan sandai potukittom! 😛

    congrats on the 2K hits!

  9. Praveen said

    Me not complaining about things on this list…some of it is what i find cute in gals….aana indha driving irukkae…adhu naan romba anubavichu observe panni ezhuthinathu….neengaley notice panni paarunga, seri comedy-a irukkum 😀

  10. F e r r a r i said

    Nice post 🙂
    Generalizations ellam thappu 😀
    Idhai DPDK vaNmayaaga kaNdikkiradhu

  11. Madhu said


    Ivanga pechu ku alave illama pochu, Uma. And enakkum Peela sonnadha patha, slight-a sandhegama dhan iruku…

    Indha dialogue-a unna thavira vera yaaravadhu solli irundha, I’d have thrown bricks at them.

    And msg dhan azhaga Susie kuduthutale..

  12. Madhu said

    Thanks! 🙂

    Same pinch!


    hehehe… un nakkaluku alave illama pochu.. iru iru….

  13. Madhu said


    Ye. Down with the generalizations!!!

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