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Meendum oru kadhal kadhai…

Posted by AtPeace on September 28, 2005

As my blogreaders must be knowing, me’s a major Anil Kumble fan. After the heartbreak I got during my 2nd year of college, when the dhrogi got married, I have been roaming around the planet like… a lost, beaten, broken, shattered soul…. in search for eternal peace…. barely managing to carry on with life*….

Later in life came Tarun, the ridiculously short guy. Worse, he was younger than me too. Much much younger, I guess. Anyways, me was taken in by his looks and drooled around for sometime. In the desire to catch a glimpse of him, I think I might have even watched a few telugu channels (which is, of course, a matter of shame to me, now.) *sigh*

And then came Prasanna. Maybe you disagree with me, but I really, really thought he had a striking resemblance to Kumble. (Did I mention that my ‘first real crush’ resembled Anil Kumble? That’s why I had a crush on him in the first place. But I digress.) Anyways, I was bowled over after watching ‘Five Star’. The guy was good. And of course, I wasted no time and immediately set about with the drooling and ogling routine. And as always, someone had to spoil it all, by making it a point to tell me that the guy was in college and was junior to us. Aaahhh …. But the strong girl that I am, I bore it with resilience.

After a loooong hiatus, during which I didn’t find anyone worthy enough of my attention, came Arya. He’s awesome, of course. And cool. And handsome. And manly. Can’t think of enough adjectives to glorify him. (Neha, help!!)

And now…. I’m in love with Prithviraj**. Dash it, exactly when I run into the love of my life… exactly when I discover the reason for my existence… exactly when I am delighted to have found the other half of my lifemy soul matemy life partner… comes the shocking news that he’s younger than me….. CRAAAAASH. That was my heart breaking, of course. Into a million pieces.

SIGH. When every guy you fall for is younger than you, that’s when you realize you’re getting old. Of course, I refuse to let the age factor deter me from my pursuits. Still, it’s like a grim reminder that I’m aging… Dammit!!!

*Nambiteengala enna? Hehe… Please! You don’t know Ms. Naicker well enough. I’m disappointed.

**So, Neha, Arya-va neeye vechukalam. 😉


17 Responses to “Meendum oru kadhal kadhai…”

  1. VeeKay said

    Unna solli kuthamilla. Ellam vayasu kolaru

  2. nagilan said

    vijai! 30 vayasula enna vayasu kolaru vendi kedaku intha naicker AKKAvuku?

    ithu vayasu kolaru illa, moola kolaru 🙂

  3. rajan said

    you are just desparate… get married soon… else i am worried for the school guys 😉

  4. Ramo said

    I apprecaite for your unique crushes than usual peters “Dravid,SRK, Brad etc”

    Only thing I can tell is…You should have born a little later!

    But sorry to you..i got remembered of the old saying that says..
    “Positive or negative way…Your spouse will always crush your crushes”
    Hope for the best!!!

    P.S: old saying is said by me

  5. WA said

    HaHaHa, good one Madhu. Hang on a second, when did this rule come into place that you can’t have a crush on a guy younger than you 🙂

  6. Somu said

    Have you not heard of Sachin-Anjali, Saif-his divorced wife and Demi Moore-Kutcher ? Who says (expect maybe the girl’s parents) women can’t fall in love with a younger guy ?

  7. vee-jay said

    neengaLuma??? Join the club 😀

  8. Tamizhan said

    hmm…girls like younger guys, guys seem to like older women….is there a pattern here or what?

  9. Madhu said


    At least enakku moola iruku…. unakku?


  10. Madhu said

    Apdiye cycle gap la crush nu solliteenga? It’s love. True love.

    Thanks for the support and encouragement!! 🙂


    Idha naanum yosichen… Actually, as long as it eventually works, I got no complaints… hehe…

  11. Harish said

    achacho, don’t feel sad.. unga b’day ku oru walking stick vaangi tharaen, bet that’ll cheer u up! 😛

    Rahman concert-la enna thedi kandu pidichu adikka maatenga-nu 1st promise pannunga! 🙂

  12. Bala (Karthik) said

    Vayasu oru porutte alla…
    Sachin Tendulkar is five years younger to Anjali. So, go ahead and announce your wedding dates to the blogosphere!
    [And Prithviraj-a kettadha sollunga]

  13. Madhu said

    Buhahahaha… Blore la meet pannalam. >:)

    hehe… wedding-a? apdi oru idea-ve enakku illa! 😉

  14. Sathish said

    Is love an illusion?

  15. Bala (Karthik) said

    “hehe… wedding-a? apdi oru idea-ve enakku illa! 😉 “

    Indha matter Prithvi sir-ku theriyuma? Manasu odinju poiduvaaru 😦

  16. Neha said

    I truly believe that gals shudn like younger men so ppl don give madhu other ideas. *mutters one down million more to go (wrt Arya)* 😀

  17. Madhu said

    Naan true love pathi pesaren.. nee ennamo illusion adhu idhu nu solli.. enna insult panra?

    romba varutha padadheenga… adhellam naanga pesi theerthukarom.. 😉

    Nee enna vena solliko.. Ana Prithvi darling pakkam mattum thalai vechu kooda padukadha!

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