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Nenju porukudhillaye indha nilai ketta manidharai ninaithu vittal….

Posted by AtPeace on October 3, 2005

I just read this. And am disheartened.

At times like this, I concur with the Chinese remedy for rape.

Any man who dares to abuse a woman should be hung upside down, repeatedly whipped and beaten with wooden clubs, burned with cigarette butts, branded with soldering irons, and have his genitals ripped off.

(Thanks to Ramya for the info.)


12 Responses to “Nenju porukudhillaye indha nilai ketta manidharai ninaithu vittal….”

  1. Prabu Karthik said

    true. nothing less will suffice.

  2. Sathish said

    Why do men rape??

  3. Tamizhan said

    This is one situation where I agree with the Sharia punishment for the crime.

  4. vee-jay said

    jokes apart, anniyan padathula vara madhiri – eNNai kadai-la uyiroada porichi edukkaNum

  5. Somu said

    Acts of uncontrollable desperation needs lifelong suffering ! and I am with the chinese proverb !

  6. Sriram said

    Castration is the best option! no one wants to listen to me though!

  7. VeeKay said

    Rape is the greatest crime that one can commit. And I agree with the punishment.

  8. Neha said

    y cant a person be castrated more than once?

  9. nagilan said

    “castrated more than once” ???

  10. Praveen said

    such incidents always leave me with similar thoughts….i don think there needs to be any questioning…dunno why thats not a law!

  11. Madhu said

    Whoa! honestly didn’t expect ipdi oru support for this ‘remedy’… hmmm… makes one think…

    God knows!

    Next time lerndhu ungala kekka solrom. 🙂

  12. Madhu said

    Excellent question.

    Yeah, twice. Or thrice. Or.. *sigh*

    Honestly, it beats me too why we don’t have a severe-enough law for this.

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