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Bye bye….

Posted by AtPeace on October 7, 2005

Yeee… Me’s off to Bangalore tonight. For the ARR concert, of course. After my US trip in July, haven’t been anywhere. Looking forward to this trip for that reason, amongst several others. Sadly though, this time we’re very few in number. *shrug* Let’s hope it doesn’t make much of a difference to the fun we’re gonna have.

And I have a team outing today. We’re off for lunch somewhere in ECR. Forgot where…. Hehe… The lunch will be, of course, followed by the usual OB adichifying (no, I didn’t mean work… I was referring to those games or whatever). Anyways, let’s see how it turns out!

That’s it then. Cya people. Take care and enjoy your weekend. Will be back on Monday, with loads of pictures and yarns of stories to share.

Update : Just back to office from the team outing. Had looooads of fun. Pics and stories later!!!

Harish, in case you’re reading this… buhahaha… naan innum marakala. Unakku confirmed-a uruttu kattai dhan. Concert-il sandhippom.

Vijai, rendu naal thangai oor la illana odane, thalai kaal theriyama aadadha. Please poruppa padikaraa vazhiya paru.

Scudie, enga anna va kann kalangama pathukaradhu un kaila dhan iruku… hehe…


10 Responses to “Bye bye….”

  1. Somu said

    Have fun :o)

  2. harry said

    intha annan thangai senti thaanga mudiyalaa..scudie collegekke vara maattan..ithella un annanai paarkaa solraa..ore srupula thanama irukku…

    anyways hope u have a great time at blore..and yeah we want a detailed post a la Kaps style.and yeah i envy u..ARR live in concert..thats the great part of being in work..next year we guyz will be rocking in corporate world and more concerts and stuffs would follow i guess..

    antha madalai(thats letter in tamil naa..) was soora senti and vijai is going to get bumps for it in college. hope u come to visit him in hospital after your ARR trip.

  3. WA said

    Enakku orediya kannellaam kalangi feelings-aa pochu onnoda padhiva padichadhum! Have a great time in Bangalore & Be Good 🙂

  4. Kaps said

    I think you are referring to Ram (http://dreamstores.blogspot.com) as he is the one who put up a detailed post on the ARR concert.

  5. Madhu said

    Will surely, definitely, absolutely, doubtlessly do. 🙂

    X-( Btw, it is not ‘madalai’, it should be ‘madal’. And Monday naan varum podhu Vijai oru varthai unna pathi complain panna kooda nee gaali.

    And I don’t know how well I’ll ‘report’ the concert info. I’m sure Ferrari/Harish/Prabu would do that. I’d prob resort to just posting fotos. *shrug* let’s see.

    Btw, edhuku ipdi next year corporate world.. concerts.. adhu idhu nu sogama dialogue vittutu? Next week namma oor la Illaiyaraja concert iruku. Polama? 🙂

  6. Madhu said

    Aha… annan thangai pasatha purinjukitta ore aal! Ungaluku chennai varappo confirmed-a treat undu. (Naanum Vijai-yum serndhu tharom… hehe…)
    Amd of course, I’ll be good, Uma. Enna ipdi solliteenga. Me’s hurt.

  7. harry said

    next weeka..
    i would love to, but guess got some external presentations and case studies to be done apart from assignments..konjam busy..anyways will try to squeeze in time and will let vijai know in case we r free..

    want to see how the real madhu is and talk to ya..heard a lot abt your verbal prowess..or rhetoric to put in simpler terms..

  8. Bala (Karthik) said

    How about THE CONCERT next week?
    If you haven’t already, please buy the tickets for Maestro’s concert on October 16, Nehru Stadium @ Landmark/Lakshman Shruthi musicals.

  9. Madhu said

    ‘… real madhu… verbal prowess… rhetoric..’ ROTFL…

    Enna pa solli vecha ivan kitta?

    Vijai edhu sonnalum nambiduviya…?

    Me’s still ROTFL….

  10. Madhu said

    Don’t have the enthu to make it this weekend. anyways, guess I might have other plans also… you’re going, aren’t you? Enjoy!! 🙂

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