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Posted by AtPeace on October 15, 2005

I had posted something about Managers this afternoon and most of humanity seemed worried… and I had quite a lot of people advising me to take it off. *shrug* And for once, I’m taking people’s advice… After all, it isn’t an important post… nor is it smth close to my heart… so, well, I’ve taken it off…

Maybe I should change my blog definition of ‘… I scribble what I please…’


PS: I’m gonna post smth else to get over this….


2 Responses to “:(”

  1. Prabu Karthik said


    writing abt jobs is taboo in indian blogosphere.

    inda velai ellam unakku siru thurumbu madhiri ndra vishayam ellam mithavangalukku theriyadhu illaya adaan:)

  2. Harish said

    Madhu, idhu oru comedy-aana ulagam..

    mathavan velaya pathi ezhudhinaale velaya vittu thookaraanga, sondha velaya pathi ezhudhina vilayuvugal epadi irukkum-nu neengale purinjukonga!

    You can blog what u please, but it’s our duty to scare the bejeezus out of u! 🙂

    that said, naanga usual-a sollradha solli indha comment-a wind up pannraen.. “unga nallathukkaaga thaan sollrom” 😛

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