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Idhellam vettEEEs vazhkaila sagajamappa…

Posted by AtPeace on October 16, 2005

Final year. Another day. Another episode. It was lunchtime and we guys had just finished eating lunch. We were lazing around, yapping when I heard a scuffle to my right. (I used to sit the last but one bench and N’s gang used to sit on the bench to my right.)

That day, there seemed to be a major scuffle between A (I’m not revealing the name – enakku uyir mela aasai iruku!), N, S and the others in that gang, and even as I watched, A managed to break free from N’s clutches, got up from his bench, tripped, almost fell on me, regained balance and sprinted away, with his gang in tow. The rest of the gang seemed to be chasing him and I watched in amusement as they ran outside the classroom. R and I exchanged amused glances but that was about it. We had seen too many similar incidents to worry about this. Indeed, there had been occasions when one of these guys has fallen out of the bench, in the middle of a class, obviously pushed by his bench mates. Anyways, we watched the gang, hot in pursuit of A, but our attention was diverted to other matters the moment they exited the classroom.

* * * * * * * * *

A ran as fast as he could manage, but it wasn’t an easy task, with 5-6 guys at his heels. He got caught right outside the classroom and fell to the ground, losing balance. Even as he struggled to get out of their grips, several strong pairs of arms pinned him to the ground, rendering him immobile.

And then the gang set to task.

* * * * * * * * *

Indu came in laughing loudly. Amidst peals of laughter, she managed to convey the message – ‘A-a veliya tharai-la padukka vechu, avanoda pant-a avukka try panranga…’

After a horrified ‘What??!!!’, we burst out laughing. ‘Enna Indu solra…? Pant-a avukka try panrangala… Ayyo… adhuku dhan avana thorathitu ponangala…’

‘Yeah, belt-a kazhattitanga… Naan vandhutten!!’

Hahaha!! The laughter was much louder this time and I urged R ‘Hey R, poi un aal maanatha kaapathu di!’, to which she replied, ‘Chee, m****!’

* * * * * * * * *

The guy who was busy disrobing A suddenly noticed something amiss. Everyone seemed to have turned silent and he seemed to be the only one who was still pursuing the goal. He looked up at the other faces, all of which were staring – some horrified, some sheepish – at one person.

Siddhi Sir.

The lecturer was watching the spectacle from a few metres away, apparently waiting for these guys to move away from the entrance. He grinned sheepishly at Sir, and so did the others. For once in his life, A was probably grateful to God for this creation of his. (I’m referring to Siddhi Sir, of course). The gang let go of A half-heartedly and entered the classroom with the sheepish grin on their faces intact. A took a couple of seconds longer – for obvious reasons!

* * * * * * * * *

None of us girls looked at the guys as they entered. Nor could A meet any of our eyes. He walked straight to his bench like a man with a mission, all the while staring at the floor, with an extremely serious expression on his face.

Convulsed with laughter, tears rolling down our cheeks, it was impossible for us to look at him too.


14 Responses to “Idhellam vettEEEs vazhkaila sagajamappa…”

  1. R.Subramanian said

    🙂 🙂 seems you had quite an eventful college life…. madhu…… u have a very good narrating capacity…..

    btw ithu nijamma illa kathaiya?

    neenga kathai kooda eluthalam madhu

    sari strip tease enbathu punishment maathiri panraangala unga class pasanga? and none of u dare to save that poor soul is it?

  2. Harish said

    ada paavigala! kodumaikaara gang-a irupaanga pola keedhu! 🙂

  3. Peelamedu_bulls said

    Idhu enna…dhroupathiya thugila urinjadhukku parigaarama.

  4. Prabu Karthik said


    enakku eludha varthey varalai.

  5. Jinguchakka said

    :-)) lol.

  6. Neha said

    ROTFL madhu, something very similar happened to a guy in my class recently. Am still embarassed thinking about it (DONT ask me y I should be embarassed coz i dunno :D) if i do get out of it I d blog about it too!!! 😉

  7. Madhu said

    idhu nizhal alla nijam! class la patta pagal la nadandha vishayam!!

    ‘save that poor soul’?? Excuse me! indha madhri vishayathula ellam naanga thalai idradhe illa!!!


  8. Madhu said

    Slight-a… idhukum enga class girls kum endha sambhandhamum illa… idhu epdi pazhi vangum padalam aagum…?

    enakkum badhil solla varthai illa 😀

  9. Madhu said


    neeye embarass agara alavuku na… un class la enna nadandhirukum nu I can imagine..!!! hehe… 😉

  10. யாத்திரீகன் said

    adapaavigala.. ivlo aniyaayamaa..

    btw, Sir-oda reaction enna-nu sollavay illiyay ?! ;-))


  11. ARUN said

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  12. Anonymous said

    Hey ithu vanthu nalla than ezhuthara..
    ana inthai kathai vanthu olu adichi ezhuthirka… seri po.. ana oru naal ithuku nee vanguvu.. enga manatha vangita illa….
    “The N from the N’s Gang”

  13. ambi said

    aaga motham neenga pathuthu enjoi panninganu sollunga… che intha mathiri yen girls sanda poda mattengaranga

  14. markiv said

    adaa paavigalaa.. vara vara pasanga maanathikku kooda uththaravaadam ilama poiduchu…

    jus tell me 1 thing- the S, V, B n all those other alphabets- if they were gals- WOW!!! n if they were guys- WHY????

    n paramaathmaa sidhi sir- did he ve a chakra/flute n stuff in his hand?

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