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En soga kadhai…

Posted by AtPeace on October 26, 2005

Swamped with work for the last couple of weeks, I was unable to visit other blogs at all, let alone write a new post… I honestly didn’t (and don’t) mind the work, even though it was killing at times. But the worst part was I had to miss the afternoon training sessions at another office. Cha, if you thought I was worried about missing the training, you can’t be more mistaken. The whole point is they serve the most toothsome food there and we had all been looking forward to letting ourselves loose. Every single day, for the past three days, I have been setting out to TIDEL under the hope that I’ll make it for the training at least that afternoon. But as fate would have it, I have been unable to make it to the training.

Which meant – lunch at Foodcourt.


(I had, anyway, wanted to write a post on the atrocity that we TIDEL-ites have had to endure for a long time, and this seems to be an appropriate time.) I don’t know how early the tragedy struck, but I have been subjected to the RKHS disaster ever since I set foot in TIDEL. (For those who are fortunate enough to have never eaten in TIDEL’s foodcourt, RKHS is the name of the caterers here.)

Calvin here does a pretty good job of expressing our reactions to the ‘food’ served here. Well well, I am not going to try to use words of any language to explain about the Foodcourt food. No words would suffice, even bad words of every language wouldn’t do justice – the garbage here has to be chewed to be believed. I shall try to restrict my post to things that Prabhakar has not written about but it’s a tough call, really. Once you begin thinking about Foodcourt, well, ketta varthai aruvi madhiri kottudhu…. ana adha ezhudhanum nu nenacha, namma blog-oda decency, reputation lam enna agum-ngra thought enna thaduthududhu. *sigh*

One of my friends, Muthu, is very well known in our circles for his ability to eat anything that can be slightly classified as edible. The most tolerant, uncomplaining guy (wrt food, that is) with the largest appetite I have ever seen. And with his help, we generally make sure that no food is leftover at lunch (I’m referring to the lunch we take from home!). Ipdi patta Muthu-ve oru naal RKHS la senja so-called-puliyodharai-ya saaptu thuppitan, the rage in his eyes unmistakable. Actually, romba exaggerate panren. He’s not the only one to be enraged by the ‘food’. You can see lots of equally furious faces around foodcourt and I guess Muthu was just one of them.

It’s a marvel, actually. Beats me how anyone can make stuff that’s absolutely uncooked, that has no uppu, sappu, kaaram, karmam… nothing! I mean, you can understand if the stuff is too salty or maybe, too liquidy. But a veg pulao with no taste? Even plain boiled rice has some taste by itself.. To extract out even that minimal, God-given natural taste must surely be the work of an expert*… Hmmm… I guess you would understand better when I say that even I can cook better than those foodcourt guys.

Idhula funniest thing is that they come up with surveys occasionally. (Ye, they also come up with food festivals appopo… the entire place would be decorated and would have a festive look with the setting to suit the ‘theme’… nicely done rangoli right before foodcourt… and the guys who serve would be dressed in weird attires, apparently adhering to the ‘theme’… and after all this vethu scene, they’d dole out the same crap. Or crap that’s differently named, but of exactly the same taste and quality, both of which are non-existent, as you must have understood by now. Prabhakar has dealt with some upcoming food festivals in his post.) Ye, coming back to our surveys – on food quality. Yes, yes, TIDEL-ites, I know it’s hilarious, adhukaaga ipdi sirika koodadhu. Konjam moochu vittukonga. ‘Food? What? Where? Quality-a..? Apdina?nu adukadukka neenga kekkaradhum puriyudhu. Indha doubt TIDEL la work panni, Foodcourt la sapdara ovvoru jeevanukum varradhu dhan. Still, the RKHS guys go about with their innovative ways of conducting surveys.

One fine day, foodcourt poi patha, munnadi oru moonu kutti jar irukum. Pakkathula moonu different colours paper la smileys – 🙂 in green to indicate ‘satisfied’; 😐 in yellow to indicate ‘okay’ ; and 😦 in red to indicate ‘poor’. The first thing that pops up to every mind is ‘Where’s terrible? pathetic? disgusting? revolting? etc…?’ (Once my friend wanted an option ‘puke-inducing’. Which is a very valid request, I feel.)

Anyways, to continue with our tragic story, we’d pick up one of the red smileys and drop it in the jar designated for it. ‘Dropping it’ isn’t as an easy task as I make it sound, what with the jar already overflowing. Irundhalum, kashta pattu, epdiyo, andha paper-a ulla pottuduvom. And then, we’ll go ahead to pay for and consume the waste products, provided by the one-and-only foodcourt.

On returning from lunch, however, a casual glance at the jars would reveal a different picture. After running out of red smileys, enraged TIDEL-ites would have gone ahead to dump all the green and yellow smileys in the jar meant for the red ones. The green and yellow jars would be absolutely empty. Even as we watch this poignant scene, a few more TIDEL-ites would walk over, quickly glance at the ‘survey’, become enraged at the fact that there are no more smileys for them to express their opinion, and immediately begin contemplating about their next course of action. With a loud sigh of understanding, we would walk away, leaving the anguished souls to fend for themselves.

* – Actually, that’s not entirely a true statement. Deeps did comment that the white-n-light-brownish rice they served yesterday had kaaram.

PS : 5000 hits cross panniyachu nethu!!!


18 Responses to “En soga kadhai…”

  1. Tamizhan said

    Su******nd canteenla saaptutu tidel food court saapaadu amruthama irukkum, that too at 2 in the night, oh yeah!

    Nothing like home food though.

    BTW, why insult your (absence of)culinary talents just to make a point?

  2. WA said

    Congratulations on 5000. About the food no comment apart from a ismall suggestion, samaikka kathukko 🙂

  3. Aravind said

    >>Even plain boiled rice has some taste by itself.. To extract out even that minimal, God-given natural taste must surely be the work of an expert

    ROTFL :))

    I pity all u poor TIDEL-ites :))
    Nee-ye idhai vida better-aa samaippenna, u can cook food and take it daily, illa?

  4. Aravind said

    And congrats for the 500 hits 🙂

  5. Peelamedu_bulls said

    Garuda Puranathule latest-a onnai add pannalaam..’If u do bad..u wud be made to eat RKHS food at TIDEL..’

    Congrats and Thanks !

  6. R.Subramanian said

    madhu aanalum overa nakkal adikka padaathu….. nanum tidel ku oru 20 days training vanthirukken and had food at the food court for some days……(2001, April) it was not as horrible as u say..and as it is there is a lot of variety…… i hope there is not only one caterer…….all said and done… oru naal RKHS la treat kodukarennu enna kooptudatheenga :p

    appuram enna Random scribbles 5000 hits cross panniducha…… inimel WayWards 5000 nu than koopidanum ungalai

  7. visithra said

    Congrats on the hits n i hear your pohlambals – ingehyum athe pohlambal than 😦

    hot foodnu sollithu sappunu iced dishes vechirundhan 😦
    And congrats on the hits 😉

  8. Pensive said

    Lolz @ “uppu, sappu, kaaram, karmam… nothing!”

    Unga nelamaiye pathu sirikurenu kova padadinga…

    TIDEL -ites yelalrum come on!!! ponghi yezhunga! 😛

  9. Praveen said

    hehe…oru kutti piece of code ezhuthi RKHS-a dump pannidungalaen 🙂

  10. vee-jay said

    RKHS mattum illa, ella IT company canteen food-um avvalo dhaan. Nothing like home food 🙂
    btw, the same Calvin pic was forwarded in our organisation as “Calvin visits ABC cafeteria”.

  11. VeeKay said


    Naan idhuku munnadi work pannikitu irundha company la food will be excellent. And it is an IT company. Exceptional case.

    5000 hits ku treat undaa?

  12. Sathish said

    Hey… Chennai’layum RKHS’aa!!!! :)))) Mumbai’la mattum thaan idha anubavikaroam’nu ninaicha… thainatullayum poyi kalakaranga… :))) .. Wow.. ippo thaan manasu niranyudu…

  13. Madhu said

    FC food and amrutham… ROTFL.. loose ayitiya?

    BTW, why insult..
    Naane kavala padala… nee yen feel panra? 😀

    Actually, after a one year torture, I started taking food from home.. just that for the past wk, I’ve bn forced to eat at FC.. 😦

  14. Madhu said

    Apdiye cycle gap-la 5000-a 500- aakitiye!! :((

    You’re right. But that punishment should be doled out exclusively to the RKHS caterers. 😀

    20 days training vandhutu pesara pechellam selladhu.

    oru naal RKHS la treat kodukarennu enna kooptudatheenga
    andha nenapellam vera iruka ungaluku? 😀

  15. Madhu said

    I understand your plight, my friend. Here, I offer your my shoulder to cry on.

    And thanks!

    TIDEL -ites yelalrum come on!!! ponghi yezhunga!
    naanga irukara nelamai la engalala pongi pongi azha dhan mudiyum.. 😦

  16. Madhu said

    Aha, sonniye oru varthai. I really appreciate your comment!

    Nothing like home food

    Treat dhane… unakilladhadha… kandippa

    Aha… neerallavo nanbar.

  17. R.Subramanian said

    but madhu oru paanai sorukku oru soru padham nu solluvanga…apadi paartha oru caterer sappatukku 20 naal thunathu pothaatha athai pathi therinjukka?

  18. vish said


    Mothele ennoda nathi moolam : I was a vitim of RKHS in Hyderabad 2 years back. YES 2 YEARS Back. But still I could see that pulu nelinjufing in my white rice. PUKE.


    Inthe blog yarar yarro hop panni kadasile engalukku vnathu senthuchu.

    Good thing is that I am not alone and it gave memories of the past :)).

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