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Her last moments…

Posted by AtPeace on October 28, 2005

*A true story*

I watched in agony as the light flickered out of her eyes. ‘Can’t you please do something?’, she seemed to ask me pleadingly… Oh, how I wished I could!! But the fact was glaring at me in the face. She had but a few moments to live and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. And I chose to do the only thing that was left – stay with her for her final moments.

I held her in my arms and watched in pain. I knew I would miss her like hell. It isn’t easy to let go of a loved one, someone who has been with you for more than 2 years – every second of those two long years. She was always there when I needed her – to share my happiness, confusion, loneliness, my tears… everything. And here I was, not able to do anything at all for her, exactly when she needed my help.

She looked into my eyes helplessly and I watched her, just as helplessly. I finally lay her on the bed and turned away. The pain was too much to bear.

* * * * *

A few minutes later, the light finally flickered out of her eyes and she passed away into another world, as I watched, unsuccessful at stifling my sobs.

PS: This morning, I came to office and there’s power here. So, I was finally able to recharge my mobile here, and she came back to life. Hurray!!!


28 Responses to “Her last moments…”

  1. Somu said

    Lol ! That was a wonderful post Madhu !!

    I can imagine how it wud be if the mobile has no charge and u have a million people to talk to and a billion messages to send.

    Glad that its back in place today… Happy talking, happy messaging!

  2. Aravind said

    Wow…. great post Madhu…
    Padicha udane, neenga mattum pakathila irundhirundha, sure-aa adichiruppen 🙂

    jus kiddding.. really enjoyed it :))

  3. Prabu Karthik said


  4. R.Subramanian said

    hey madhu chanceh ilae………konuteeeeeeeeenga..semmmmma creative post….i am gonna fwd this post of urs to everybody……… athuku unga permission venum

  5. Bala (Karthik) said

    Enna chinnappullathanama irukku, rascalS!

    Good one, actually 🙂

  6. WA said

    Idhellam rombha over-nnu thonale? Nice one though

  7. VeeKay said

    Nice one Madhu. Though I guessed it half way through.

  8. VeeKay said


    Indha maadhiri posta neenga idhuku munnadi paathadhey illaya ???

    I feel R.Subramanian is going to start a fan club for you> 😉

  9. Tamizhan said

    Idhellam naanga yerkanavey paathachu….

    I thot u were trying a nano-story like vee-jay…..

  10. Madhu said


    Thitradha thittitu enna ‘enjoyed it’ vera.. 😦


    Please refer Vijai’s comment. Slight-a… yen indha alpa post ku ipdi oru reaction? huh?

  11. Madhu said

    @Bala (Karthik) / Uma
    Yen ellarum enna thitreenga? waaaahhhhh…

    fan club-a? Annatha, aala vudu!!

  12. Madhu said

    Idhellam naanga yerkanavey paathachu….

    I thot u were trying a nano-story like vee-jay…..
    Well, you thot wrong.

    Btw, Scudie, why shld I even try to write like someone else… Should I either set a trend or.. follow one? Can’t I simply write what comes to my mind?

  13. R.Subramanian said

    adada meyyalume nalla irunthuchi sonna athukku ippadi oru reaction aaaaaaaaaarghhhh x-( so it is copied eh?

    i thought it is an original work……….. anyway it was a very nice and hilarious post and kudos to whichever author who wrote it.

  14. Neha said


  15. Madhu said

    “so it is copied eh?”
    Madhu slaps her forehead

    “i thought it is an original work……….. anyway it was a very nice and hilarious post and kudos to whichever author who wrote it.”
    Madhu bangs her head on the wall

  16. R.Subramanian said

    >>Madhu slaps her forehead
    >>Madhu bangs her head on the wall

    Flashback (just a few mins bfore this happened)

    subbu gets a brand new helmet and puts it on madhu’s head….

    Flash back gets over

    madhu madhu…enna kobam 🙂 peace peace….sorry i didnt read what u wrote (as comment)…. vijay krishna comments mattum paarthuttu naan eluthitten……. very sorry

  17. VeeKay said

    Allo Mr R.Subramanian,

    Enna edhuku vambula maati vidareenga ?

    “Indha maadhiri posta neenga idhuku munnadi paathadhey illaya ???” nu dhan naan keten … I never mentioned that Madhu copied it from elsewhere.

    So comment adikum bothu ozhunga paathu adieenga … avasarapada koodaadhu. Anavasiyama n confusion create

  18. Madhu said

    shooo shoo… peace, people!!

    rsubra, naan theliva sollidaren. naan engerundhum copy pannala. but indha madhri, onnu ezhudhitu vera mean panra posts neraya iruku.. adha than Vijai sonnan.

    (Btw, unga helmet ku nandri. Adha neenga thirupi eduthukalam.)

    I don’t want to see any more comments about this from both of you. Unga comments ku reply panni enakku bore adichu pochu… Hmph!

  19. Adaengappa !! said

    Good one with a suspense !!
    Life mein twist !!

    Adengappa !!

  20. Jinguchakka said

    The comments section is more funnier than the post.lol. As for the post, I empathise. It’s hell to be without a mobile, once you get used to it.

  21. vee-jay said

    nalla build-up!!! Good one 🙂
    btw, Wish you a very happy & safe Diwali!!!

  22. harry said

    post oda enga vijai subra koothu sooper chancea illa..especially helmet banging…ROTFL..

  23. Harish said

    cellphone addiction-la enna vida mosama irukenga? 🙂

    Happy Diwali!

  24. Raam said

    Nice.. 🙂

  25. :: The Protector :: said

    Madhu… my first visit 2 ur post…. n….nalla iruthuchi…:)

    i blog @ http://rtst.blogspot.com

  26. Madhu said


    ipdi ‘comments section is funnier than the post’ nu solliteengale! Cha, what an insult!!

    naane indha month bill nenachu tension-a iruken.. nee vera adha nyabaga paduthadha!!!

  27. Madhu said


    Welcome to my blog! Glad you liked it.. I’ll visit your blog sometime too…

  28. யாத்திரீகன் said

    aaaaahhhhh Grrrrrrrrrrrrr…


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