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Irritants @ Work – 2

Posted by AtPeace on November 12, 2005

It was during our technical training some 2 yrs ago that I got accustomed to the vagaries of human nature. Well, not all, but some.6 people almost living in a training room for 3 months, we were in a world of our own. Most times during our hands-on session/after office hours, the room used to be absolutely silent, except for the sounds of the keyboard, the occasional rustling of paper and the rare profanity (on discovering the pathetic coding error we’d have committed!) And so we led hard-working, peaceful lives until the plague set on us one day.

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Irritants @ Work – 1

Posted by AtPeace on November 5, 2005

I was engrossed in analyzing a system problem when I heard someone’s cell phone ring. Busy with my research, all that I noted subconsciously was that it wasn’t my phone and I continued to work. As the cell phone rang incessantly, I got bugged, took off my headphones and turned towards the source of disturbance. It was X’s cell phone that was creating the racket, X being my teammate and cubicle-mate. He had left his cell phone on his desk and presumably gone for a ‘dum’. Actually, I didn’t know for sure if it was his desire to acquire cancer that kept him away from the scene. Maybe he had just gone to the pantry. I didn’t know and didn’t care. All I knew was that the cell phone kept ringing on and on, with its owner nowhere in sight. Not only had he been considerate enough to leave the damn thing here, the angel had also been thoughtful enough to enable the ‘ascending’ option for the ring volume. I stared at the phone furious. It stopped ringing.

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