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Irritants @ Work – 1

Posted by AtPeace on November 5, 2005

I was engrossed in analyzing a system problem when I heard someone’s cell phone ring. Busy with my research, all that I noted subconsciously was that it wasn’t my phone and I continued to work. As the cell phone rang incessantly, I got bugged, took off my headphones and turned towards the source of disturbance. It was X’s cell phone that was creating the racket, X being my teammate and cubicle-mate. He had left his cell phone on his desk and presumably gone for a ‘dum’. Actually, I didn’t know for sure if it was his desire to acquire cancer that kept him away from the scene. Maybe he had just gone to the pantry. I didn’t know and didn’t care. All I knew was that the cell phone kept ringing on and on, with its owner nowhere in sight. Not only had he been considerate enough to leave the damn thing here, the angel had also been thoughtful enough to enable the ‘ascending’ option for the ring volume. I stared at the phone furious. It stopped ringing.

It took me a few more seconds to cool down and I had hardly turned back to my monitor and reached for my headphones when the cell phone rang again.

I sprang out of my chair exclaiming, ‘Where the hell is he?’ and realised to my surprise that it was not a solo performance. D and I had almost chorused that question. J and S also looked in, irritated. ‘Throw it out of the window’, suggested S solemnly and J seconded the idea. For a freak second, I seriously considered the suggestion but I somehow calmed myself enough to just cut the call.

Taking several deep breaths, I stepped back to my chair and D peeped from the next cubicle –
‘You cut the call?’
‘Yes! And one more time the bloody thing rings, I’m turning it off!!’
‘Good! Do it!’

As I lowered myself into my seat, X walked in and I turned to him –
‘Your cell phone rang –’
‘ – and I cut the call.’
‘Ohhh…’ A pause. ‘I had been in the pantry.’
‘Good. Please take your cell phone with you the next time you go to the pantry.’

Soon, I was back to work and I didn’t hear his cell phone ring for the rest of the day. Peace!

* * * * *

I really want to know what the f*** people think cell phones are for. Amongst the numerous purposes they were designed to serve, I don’t quite think they were intended to be disturbances for the rest of the society. If you have to move out of your seat, pray, take your cell phone with you. If you don’t want to take it with you, for some vague reason beyond human levels of intelligence, well, at least change it to the ‘silent’ profile or something! The whole world does NOT need to know when you get a call.


26 Responses to “Irritants @ Work – 1”

  1. VeeKay said

    Second you Madhu. Have tried hard to change the mindset of people on this front at office. Thirudanai paarthu thirundha vitaal thiruttai ozhikka mudiyaadhu.

  2. Somu said

    We have a rule in the bay that I work in… All cell phones need to be on silent mode as it causes disturbance when taking a customer call… Apparently I am incharge of ensuring this discipline is strictly adhered to… And I am always happy to hear a cell phone ring coz it means I get a chance to escalate.

    Do something like that…

    While in your previous post, you were helpless coz of absence of ur own mobile, and here again u are irritated coz of presence of someone else;s mobile… What an irony :o)

    5:26 PM

  3. Jinguchakka said

    Adhu yenna landline’aa yenna vuttutu pOgaradhuku?
    I have drum beat as my ring tone and people actually smile when they hear a different ring tone like this. Ofcourse I don’t insult my cell phone by leaving it around

  4. Harish said

    idhukku orae solution, adha keezha potu aeri ninnu medhikaradhu thaan 🙂

  5. Prabu Karthik said

    next time someone does this near u, anda phone a suttu ebay la yelam vittudu madhu..

  6. R.Subramanian said

    hehe……athuvum intha kaalathula vitha vithama music pottu, cellphones are irritating stuffs

    temple la , library la, theatre la ….. intha cellphone attagaaasam thaangalapa..ithukku peru thaan mobile nuisance ah

  7. Bala (Karthik) said

    As a fellow-sufferer, i can empathize with you and second you.

    Another similar malaise is people knocking on the doors having forgotten their access cards… aaaaargggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bala (Karthik) said

    And by the way, the new look is good 🙂

  9. Sathish said

    mmmm…. forgot about the ringing… atlast u became legible… though u may miss ur fav ones..

  10. R.Subramanian said

    hey madhu, the new blog design is tooo good………..your previous design was jarring, paining to eyes….actually sollalam nu ninaichen but summa complaint pannite irukkaen ngara mathiri neenga ninaichuda koodathe nu vittutaen..this one is very nice..keep up the good work 🙂

  11. Prabu Karthik said

    nee template mathinadaduku un blog rasigargal ellam vinayagar ku 108 thengai udachada kelvi patten..


  12. VeeKay said

    @Prabhu Karthik,
    “nee template mathinadaduku un blog rasigargal ellam vinayagar ku 108 thengai udachada kelvi patten.

    Super Super. Idhellam naama sonna nammala kettavan nu solluvaanga 😉

  13. harry said

    enna intha template nalla irukka…en kannu enna dumeelaa??? sahikkalai intha template… jarring to the eyes..subbu maama are u serious that this template is good.. yen neenga ippadi poi solreenga..enna mads, enna unga story??? seri madsaa free vidunga,,subra unga story enna…

    etho old pazhamozhi nyabaagam varuthe…can u recall…:lol:

    everything said in jest and humour” nu sollanumnu ninaikiren aana enna panrathu sila nerangalil unmaiyya solli thaane aaganum..

  14. Tamizhan said

    Indha oru sappa matterku ivlo commenta? Rasigar mandratha control pannu Madhu. You have three options

    1. Kamal style. Apoliticise the mandrams and use them for social work.

    2. Rajni style. Secretly tell the mandrams to call you into politics, but keep delaying publicly.

    3. Captain style. Public political vehicle!

    Remember me when you become CM 😉

  15. R.Subramanian said

    harry comments in hurry eluthathenga na… pazhaiya kannai uruthina design ku this site design came as a huge relief……. naan konjam exaggerate panni pugazhrathala naan sonnathai poi nu eduthukka padaathu….

    and yeah madhu voda niraya post la oru casual humor odum…… kalasara type la…athu nalla irukkum… ithai than keep up the good work nu sonnen..

    ada podhumappa… madhu unga site la comment pannina athukku vilakam lam kodukka vendi iruku….. sighhhhhhhhh

  16. ada-paavi!!!! said

    cell phones r such a big irritant, pesama answer the call an say some nonesense (if its the persons girlfriend/wife) say smthing like he has gone to kadlai pottufy with sm1 or something like that

  17. Aravind said

    Hey… A serious post from u …cant believe it 🙂
    pona post madhiriye idhulaiyum edhavadhu twist irukkum-nu paathen …
    twist illaadhadhu thaan twist-aa?? :))

  18. Madhu said


    hmmm… that sounds like a good idea, only we hardly receive official calls. General-a ellame personal dhan! 😀

    drumbeat? hmmmm.. I can imagine!

  19. Madhu said

    aha… nalla muthu mutha ideas kudukareengale… will do next time!

    true… is become a nuisance these days..

    shhh.. relax it that one pa!

  20. Madhu said

    and by the way, thanks 🙂

    @those who liked the new template
    nandri hai!

    @those who didn’t
    poi muttikonga! hmph!

  21. Madhu said

    umm… err… nandri…

    Cha, no. Indha 108 thengai udaikara madhri alpamana vishayangal enakku pidikadhu… yes, agreed Vinayagar is my fav God. Still, indha vaati lerndhu andha thengai selavu cut pannitu, Sivananda ashram ku kuduthuda solliten.. 😀

  22. Madhu said


    vandhutanya.. vandhutanya.. enna pa prachanai unakku life la?

    “sahikkalai intha template… jarring to the eyes..” seriously, did you say ‘jarring’? kannu out-a?

    “yen neenga ippadi poi solreenga..enna mads, enna unga story??? seri madsaa free vidunga,,subra unga story enna…”
    edhuku unakku idhellam? but before that, konjam rewind panni flashback pakkalama?

    want to see how the real madhu is and talk to ya..heard a lot abt your verbal prowess..or rhetoric to put in simpler terms
    indha madhri dialogue ellam sonnadhu… slight-a… neenga dhane?


  23. Madhu said

    kamal pathi ezhudharadha un blog-oda niruthiko.

    “madhu voda niraya post la oru casual humor odum…… “

    “madhu unga site la comment pannina athukku vilakam lam kodukka vendi iruku….. sighhhhhhhhh “
    neenga comment panradhuku enna vilakkam kekkarangale.. enaku epdi irukum? X-(

  24. Madhu said

    another suggestion! but honestly, kandavanga personal calls ellam attend panna, naan enna avanga secretary-a.. 😦

    cha.. enna evlo thappa purinjitu irukeenga… i’m hurt.

  25. WA said

    Madhu confession time for me. Few months ago, whilst in the lab realised that I had left my mobile on my desk, so walked back to see it in pieces :)) apparently it was annoying my colleague so vandhu akku vera aani veraiya pirichu pottuttu poittaru the poor guy must have been so annoyed. I just laughed when I saw the poor thing lying there :)))))

  26. :: The Protector :: said

    i don’t know why these peoples are not following the basic common sense things….

    aandava neethan avangala thiruthanum…. 🙂

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