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Irritants @ Work – 2

Posted by AtPeace on November 12, 2005

It was during our technical training some 2 yrs ago that I got accustomed to the vagaries of human nature. Well, not all, but some.6 people almost living in a training room for 3 months, we were in a world of our own. Most times during our hands-on session/after office hours, the room used to be absolutely silent, except for the sounds of the keyboard, the occasional rustling of paper and the rare profanity (on discovering the pathetic coding error we’d have committed!) And so we led hard-working, peaceful lives until the plague set on us one day.

P had somehow found some songs that were shared on the network and we were obviously interested. But we didn’t have headphones then. In fact, we didn’t even have specific machines assigned to us at that time. The training room had enough machines and we used to settle at any machine we wanted. Anyway, without headphones, the information seemed pretty pointless and we were soon back to work.

P was relentless, however. As we were unsupervised most of the time and we had a huge room all to ourselves, he played the songs on the system speaker. Though his choice of songs did not exactly match the choice of the other 5 souls in the room, we didn’t quite mind, all of us exhibiting exceptional levels of tolerance.

Soon, however, there wasn’t much of a choice – P actually added a single song to his Winamp and played it endless times, over and over and over… Granted, the song was a good one (namma Karthik song ‘Nenjae thulli po‘ from ‘University’) but listening to the same song played non-stop, for hours at a stretch usually had each one of us wanting to throw the monitor on P’s head, sometime or the other. (I mean, just picturize yourself trying to concentrate on a particularly vague piece of code making an attempt to figure out what went wrong with it and the speaker blares ‘Kaadhal solli pooooo…‘) The scene usually ended with one of us begging/ requesting/ screaming at P to stop the music, or, at the least, change the song, depending on the foulness of our mood.

For the scene to end amicably thus, you need to have one thing in the vicinity. Well, not a ‘thing’, actually, I was referring to P. *sigh* There was an occasion when P left his Winamp to play the song endlessly and went away to attend a call on his cell phone. Totally engrossed in our world of assembly language and dumps, P’s exit went unobserved.

Fate, however, had sinister plans for us. Unnoticed, P’s system was automatically locked after a short while. Unaware, we continued working, trying hard to concentrate when we realised something.

The room was suddenly silent.

Absolute, pin-drop silence. A silence so divine we could have almost tasted it… And then it struck us – the song’s over!!! Even as we sat savouring the peacefulness of the moment, the speakers began blaring again. Dash it! Profanities tumbled around freely as 5 heads turned towards P.

Who was, of course, missing.

Profanities failed me. And the other 4 tortured souls.

Words might have failed him but A is a man of action. He sprang up from his chair and moved over to P’s monitor to exit Winamp when he discovered that the system was locked – much to his chagrin and to our horror. Someone sunk their head into their arms in despair and was patted consolingly by someone else.

‘Where the f*** is he?’ A asked and none of us had a clear answer. ‘Probably he has gone to attend a call…’ one of us theorized. ‘F***! His system is locked da… Does anyone know his password?’


Actually not. Karthik continued to sing ‘… oasai indri solli vittu pooooo‘.

That did it. A turned off the system and went back to his testing. We followed suit.

I tell you, silence is absolute bliss.

* * * * *

P does not listen to music on the system speaker now as he obviously values his life. But then, there’s no need for him to. He plays music on his headphones at 120 decibels and goes away. I can hear the songs two cubicles away. *sigh*

Thirundhave mateengala pa?

* * * * *

By all means, people, go ahead and play songs to your heart’s content. But unless you have been explicitly requested to, kindly refrain from acting like you have been entrusted with the responsibility of managing jukeboxes.


14 Responses to “Irritants @ Work – 2”

  1. Badri said

    came thro scudie’s page 😉
    and to my surprise my system is now
    “Satham illatha thanimai ketten..”

  2. Tamizhan said

    I used to do the same thing. I had a partner in crime, Robert. Robert and I were crazy about the song Lejjaavathiye when 4 Students released. So all night, it was like ‘Lejjaavathiye ninde kalakala kannil, idho’.

    There was this old guy called K2 in our team and he became really pissed but addicted to it. Cannot forget him singing unconsciously while peeing, Lajaavathiye… LOL

  3. Aravind said

    Totally agree… nalla pattu-nna kooda, continuous-aa 10-20 times ketta semma irritating-aa irukku..that too when u are concentrating on something..

    inga, hostel-la kooda, some guys, put one song in loop in max-volume and then lock the room and go off.. approm, 2-3 hours, naanga vera vazhi illaama polambittu iruppom… Ivangala ellam thirutha oru ANNIYAN varamattaara?

  4. Jinguchakka said

    Can’t you play your own song and get back?

  5. :: The Protector :: said

    hi I totally agree with u, slience is the eternal bliss…

  6. Somu said

    yeah songs in speakers sure is a problem… I always carry headphones with me for music at work. Not that I don’t want to trouble others, just that it is not allowed (on speakers) at work…

  7. Sathish said

    mmmmm…. Why not write Comforts@work?

  8. ada-paavi!!!! said

    music illama velai pannatathu is konjam kastam, but listenin to the same song over n over again is a real pain.

  9. senthil natarajan said

    sila nerangalil sila manidhargal…!

  10. ARUN said

    hi, sorry to post a comment not related to this, i am in process creating desi bloggers directory 2006, so drop ur blog address at http://desiblogsdir.blogspot.com

    also tell ur frens to add there blog……

  11. harry said

    enna romba naala post kaanum..

  12. Harish said

    ha ha
    Idellam officela sagajamappa…

  13. Saravana Kumar said

    something got my attention on your profile .. that calvin’s resolutions .. my fav thing .. in fact I put that as a post during my first days of blogging .. seems like ur a big fan of calvin like me .. if u want I can send u the entire calvin strips as email .. I have them aaaall

  14. R.Subramanian said

    enna madhu semmma work ah office la…..

    long time no postin eh?

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