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Evergreen Illaiyaraja?

Posted by AtPeace on January 28, 2006

I dunno why people say Illaiyaraja’s music can never get boring, how many ever times you listen to it… Was listening to the song ‘Idhu oru pon maalai pozhudhu’ the other day and it just struck me that I had heard the song so many times that I was really bored of it. Am not supporting ARR or anyone else here. Just that IR’s songs don’t seem to be as enduring or perpetual to me. *shrug*


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Call it quits!

Posted by AtPeace on January 19, 2006

Says who?If any of you have been thinking I’m planning to quit blogging, you may please get those thoughts out of your mind now. I’ve just been busy.. 😦 Between shifting to a new office and taking on additional responsibilities and working from home as well and helping people organize two weddings at home… I have really not had anytime to mail/call any of my friends, let alone blog. *sigh*

I don’t see a respite to this state of business in the near future also (*sigh*)… I will try to write as and when I can…

And Vijai, congrats!!! Uma/Ferrari/Aravind, no, I’m NOT writing soppy stories!Naan yaaru… enna madhri blog ezhudharen… en blog-oda reputation enna… en fan following enna… enna poi ipdi ellam post ezhudha solreenga… cha cha… 😀 seri seri, me escapes now!

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