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Evergreen Illaiyaraja?

Posted by AtPeace on January 28, 2006

I dunno why people say Illaiyaraja’s music can never get boring, how many ever times you listen to it… Was listening to the song ‘Idhu oru pon maalai pozhudhu’ the other day and it just struck me that I had heard the song so many times that I was really bored of it. Am not supporting ARR or anyone else here. Just that IR’s songs don’t seem to be as enduring or perpetual to me. *shrug*


45 Responses to “Evergreen Illaiyaraja?”

  1. Aravind said

    hmmmm…. no comments 🙂

    (approm naan biased nu enna ottuveenga.. venaam pa 😉 )

  2. Jinguchakka said

    It’s mainly because it’s not techno-beats. And the mix of instruments is just right for melodies. And always melodies are the songs that remembered through the years. Yeah, not just “pon mAlai pozhudhu”. The list is endless. And in movies like kAdhal Oviyam, payanangal mudivadhillai, nizhalgal, all the songs are endless. Truly a maestro!

  3. kr!sh said

    1. You must’ve heard it too many times that day.. “Anything taken in excess is nauseating”

    2. You must’ve been sad that day. “Reason why you like a song is also a function of the circumstances”

    I wouldn’t want to hear that song daily but once in a while its nice. Same applies to any IRR song!

  4. Prabu Karthik said

    maybe u were just not in a mood to listen to any ssong that day.
    now, dont tell me u happily listened to sivakasi that day while shunning ‘pon maalai pozhudhu’.

    if thats the case un taste different avlo dhaan…

    i like both IR and ARR.

    >>Just that IR’s songs don’t seem to be as enduring or perpetual to me.*shrug*

    (ellam nera kodumai. idhukku nee blog pannamaley irundhirkalaam)

  5. Madhu said

    Enna comment idhu? Neenga nenachadha dhairiyama sollunga! 😉

  6. Madhu said

    I think you misunderstood what I said… 🙂

    🙂 No, I was not in a bad mood, nor had I heard it too many times ‘that day’. In any case, even if I had heard it too many times that day, evergreen IR logic padi, I shouldn’t have found it boring, right?

    Krish, I totally agree with the ‘wouldn’t want to hear that song daily…’ part of your comment. IR or non-IR, most of the songs fall into this category, as far as I’m concerned. It’s just interesting that I haven’t heard anyone say IR can be boring.

  7. Aravind said

    @ Madhu:
    aaha.. enna sudden-aa mariyaadhai ellam 😉

  8. Somu said

    Wow… I wud listen to IR any number of time and never get bored of it… The song u mentioned is one gem of a song…

  9. Harish said

    idhaye tfmpage-la soleerundhenga na piece piece-a kizhuchurupaanga ungala! 🙂

  10. Madhu said

    Slight-a mistake ayiduchu… I noticed it only after posting the comment.. 😀

  11. F e r r a r i said

    ‘yaen unga maalai pozhudhu pon madhiri illai. Avar unga kooda illai appadinu peelings aa?’ appadinu mathavanga ellam ungaLa kalaichu irupaanga. Support kku varalaam nenachen. Parava illai. Thapichiteenga 😀

  12. Eclectic Blogger said

    Too much of anything is bad.. u will get def bored of it.. u shud listen to “Senthazham Poovil (Mullum Malarum)”, “Eeramane Rojave” (Ilamai Kalangal) and “Poongatru Thirumbuma (Mudhal Mariyadhai).. all a few times.. tho not too much.. u will not get bored still..

  13. Badri said

    //the other day and it just struck me//
    thats the magic of IR,u ve got 5000 more songs composed by mastero…move on…u wud never get bored!

  14. Tamizhan said

    A quote abt the smell of camphor comes to mind.. 😀

    I recollect an age when i hadnt sampled IR’s pleasures. How stupid can a teenager be?

  15. ada-paavi!!!! said

    ur speakin about a 25 yr old, song and saying that ur gettin bored of it after listening to it numerous time, doesnt that in itself speak for IRs evergreen music, its not whether u get bored of the song or not, but will it stand the test of time and years l8r ll it still be called a good song?

  16. Snow white said

    Yaaa…At last i’ve found someone who accepts in public tht she finds IRs music borrring..Its not evergreen n all.
    Summa over-hype!!

  17. tamizhan said

    @ snow white

    refer comment directed to madhu above.

  18. Madhu said

    Romba nallavar neenga…

    @Eclectic blogger
    ye, too much of anything is bad… but not too many people say that too much of IR is bad. In fact, I’m sure there are loads of people who’d vouch that there’s no such thing as ‘too much of IR’… *shrug*

  19. Madhu said

    Oh, its not that I don’t have enough good songs to keep me occupied or smth… I do move on and I don’t bother much abt who composed the song, as long as it is pleasant to listen to!

    Smell of camphor ellam too much. As I understand, you have taken to IR a long time after the rest of the world did. I have been listening to some of his songs for God knows how long… Anyways, innum oru few yrs ku IR kelu, apram bore adikudha enna nu discuss pannuvom.

  20. Madhu said

    ‘He’ kooda irundha, well, endha paatume bore adikadhu nu nenaikaren… I might appreciate even SA Rajkumar or smth! 😀

    This is a very, very logical comment, Vatsan, and I find myself totally agreeing with this – “its not whether u get bored of the song or not, but will it stand the test of time and years l8r ll it still be called a good song?”

  21. Madhu said

    @Snow White
    🙂 Over hype-a enna nu theriyala… but I have personally never heard anyone say they find IR boring/uninteresting/tiring etc..

    X-( Unna thavira ellarume ‘unable to appreciate smell of camphor’ cases-a? Too much-a illa?

  22. Saravana Kumar said

    he he I’m with tamizhan 😉 …

    I actually random loop hundreds of my favourite IR songs and hear them … so I think it should take milleniaas before I get bored of them

  23. tamizhan said

    Unmaya sonna kochikaraanga pa!

  24. Anonymous said

    cool…I found one who shares my view…his screeching violins, banging drums and noisy trumpets are turn offs in his music. Accepted he is great in tunes but definitely not a good composer.

  25. ashok said

    i bought 10 Cds of IR’s music from 70s to 80s wen i went home this time…he is evergreen!

  26. Anonymous said

    The prob with Raja’s music is that he is sooooo repeititive.. most of his melodies sound same… the fast songs sound same… no variation in the tabla loops used in the songs (take for ex. songs like Muthu mani maalai, raasave varuthama or any melody.. the tabla will be ditto in all songs.. nothing new)… basically no variety….

  27. Bala (Karthik) said

    Name ONE song of any other MD incl ARR, which you can listen to after 15 years, let alone 25???
    ARR is a genius who is ahead of time, Ilaiyaraaja is a genius who is beyond time.
    Well, to each his/her own i agree but just my 2 paisas….

  28. VeeKay said


    If IR is repeatative, what would ARR be then?

    And just because IR is simple with his tunes, many do not appreciate.

    Screeching violins, noisy drums ? No one has used Violin as good as IR. Remember the introduction for “Poongadhave …” from the movie “Nizhalgal” ? Or what abt BGMs in Mouna Raagam and Punnagai Mannan. Listen to “Megam Kottatum” from “Enakul Oruvan”. Look at the way drums have been handled.

    IR composed great music. Many music directors these days use technology to sound their compositions great.

  29. Aravind said

    @ anon:
    please identify urself… why this cowardice while criticising?

    But, i partly agree with u on the “tabla” part… IR was repititive with his melodies… u have given 2 examples where IR has used “ditto” percussion… there are a lots.. Kadhalin Deepam onru, Nilaave Vaa, Yedhedho ennam valarthen… the list goes on and on!!!

  30. Aravind said

    @ veekay:
    if u find ARR’s music repititive, u have to read this!!!

  31. VeeKay said


    That dosent matter. On any day IR is way ahead of ARR.

    And my point was if IR has no variety, ARR too has none.

    And btw, dont use strong words like cowardice. He is free not to reveal his identity.

  32. Aravind said

    @ veekay:
    ok.. me not starting another ARR-IR debate here… It will go on and on…
    lets leave it at that 🙂

  33. R.Subramanian said

    madhu, another TFM page IR vs ARR war maathiri aagi pochu. ithu thevaiya 🙂

    sari sari…… oru post kum adutha post kum naduvula evlo naal gap viduveenga?

  34. VeeKay said


    Seekaram vaanga, unga fans ellam thudikaraanga …

  35. mani said

    I think IR and ARR have got diferent style of Music. ARR is more concentrating on orchestration and bringing life to song with minute sound details and other features.

  36. harry said

    hey,what a way to come back..and that too a tempestuous post..

    i am not too big a fan of illayaraja but sincerely believe that some of his tunes are really evergreen..

  37. smiley said

    maybe you need a break. listen to some of the latest rock/jazz etc and then maybe you ,ight appreciate and listen to his songs

  38. Sathish said

    What is music?? Why do we hear it??

  39. b a l a j i said

    i am exactly listening to “Idhu oru pon maalai” when reading the post.

    Idhu timing

  40. Madhu said

    hmmm… never intended this to turn into an ARR vs IR discussion! anyways, I said it in the post and I’m saying it again – I do find IR boring at times. As Vatsan said, yes, I find his music boring after some 20 yrs of listening to it, which as he says (and I agree with him) is indicative of the greatness of his music.

  41. arethusa said

    Been through most of your posts..like the way you write 🙂
    I feel the same about Ilayaraaja. ARR is God.

  42. பக்ரிசாமி said

    I second Krish Subramaniam’s comments.

    1. அளவுக்கு மீறினால் அமிர்தமும் நஞ்சும். அளவோடு கேட்டு வளமோடு வாழ்க!!
    2. Try creating new brain circuits by associating this song to a different set of events.

  43. tamizhan said

    Thou art tagged! You know what to do..

  44. Aravind said

    Boo hooo…. 😦
    this blog is in Coma!!! :((

  45. Aravind said

    hmmmmm..yaaru adhu yen comment-a apdiye copy paste panradhu???

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