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Career… and… life…

Posted by AtPeace on April 1, 2006

Didn’t want to write a post on this, but this thought has been irking me at regular intervals over the past few days, that I feel it is much better to simply write it down and forget it…

Anyway, this is what triggered the stream of thoughts…

While commenting on the post of a fellow blogger, another blogger says “Career is life”. I found it so ridiculous that I actually laughed aloud. But the amusement was instantly replaced by sadness, at the thought of some people’s priorities… “Career is life”. Nice. So, what would family and friends be? What about dreams, desires, aspirations and goals a person might have…? What about interests and hobbies? Love might, of course, be a side issue. Happiness, I assume, is a non-issue. These concepts probably don’t even exist (or maybe don’t matter) in their world. *sigh*

Get me straight, I have nothing against hard-working people. I work hard, too. But beneath all that hard work, there’s love for what I do. And that’s what drives me. I hope people who kill themselves for their career know what they’re doing.

My only wish is that people stop occasionally, to take a deep breath and reassess their priorities… think about what they truly want in life and if they’re going the right way about doing it.


13 Responses to “Career… and… life…”

  1. bunky jumping pundit said

    nice thought provoking post…i also believe that unless u enjoy whatever u do..u would be unhappy…no matter how much u earn….

  2. tamizhan said

    avangla paatha enaku paavama iruku..

  3. Badri said

    career is not life itself. There were so many other things to do in life, and there still are.I’m sure things are fine now…

  4. VeeKay said

    Good one Madhu .. Career is not the only thing. But it is a very important thing in life.

    And sometimes people make wrong choices.

    Welcome back to the blogging world.

  5. Aravind said

    it is essential to have a gud mix between work & life… “career is life” – outright ridiculous!

  6. Jinguchakka said

    I thought your career was your life in February and March! :-))

  7. Sathish said

    Should we expect those, who enjoy doing what they do… to change to our definition of fun, happiness……. mmmm….

  8. Anonymous said

    I could see a valid point in sathish’s comment..I once remember a blog written by madhu http://vetteees.blogspot.com/2005/08/wheres-world-heading-to.html. I cant help feeling that the thatha in that story had the same point as madhu has now..

  9. Arun said

    Nice to see you back blogging ! Yeah, as Veekay said, Carrer is not the only thing in life. But, it depends on one’s life purpose. Career might help one achieve his/her life purpose. One shud know to strike a balance between the 2 !

  10. Unicorn said


    Just read the post you referred to n i fully agree with u.

  11. Madhu said

    I agree!

    Yes, VK, some people make wrong choices.. choose their career over their real interest, sometimes just for the money.. sad, la?

    Well said.

    Adhellam nee yen kekkara.. adhellam nee kekka koodadhu.. :))
    No, my boy, career was not the only reason I didn’t blog for long. I was busy with other things in life, plus I had no enthu to blog.

    No, Sathish, I think you didn’t get what I meant. All I want to say is – if you enjoy something truly, do it. Just be sure about the ‘truly’ part of it.

    Ennoda pazhaya post-a nyabagam vechirukeengala.. :O yaarappa neenga?

    Life purpose-a? Ayya edho periya periya vaarthai ellam pesreega.. Onnum velangala!

    First time here? Welcome!

  12. R.Subramanian said

    >>I found it so ridiculous that I actually laughed aloud. But the amusement was instantly replaced by sadness

    >>I work hard, too. But beneath all that hard work, there’s love for what I do. And that’s what drives me.

    So true 🙂

    Welcome back to post

  13. mysorean said

    Sooper post! 🙂

    Right topic on a fools day. Rather I belive whoever says “Career is Life” doesn’t know or even worse doesn’t care to know what is Life all about.

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