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Template Change..

Posted by AtPeace on April 7, 2006

… for my 50th post! 🙂 Howz the new template?


19 Responses to “Template Change..”

  1. bunky jumping pundit said

    change the template…..its stressing my eyes!!!! nooooooo i have lost vision..unnoda template pathu nallu maadu sethupochu..nalu peru kannu nolle aayiduchi…..

  2. VeeKay said


  3. tamizhan said

    Karuppu dhaan enaku pidicha kalaru toyyon toyyon..

  4. Madhu said

    Stressing on the eyes? slighta oru vaati un bloga pathutu, apram pesu.. X-(

    Hmph. You’re exhibiting smuggle-like tendencies!


  5. Aravind said

    the alignment is neat…. but colours thaan konjam over contrast a irukku.. slight-a troublin the eyes 😦
    try changing the colours!

  6. R.Subramanian said

    text color, fonts ithellam konjam maathina nalla irukkum.. the color looks good than……but adikkadi varavangalukku etho manirathnam padam odara theatre kulla nulainja effect aayidum :),

    but in general, if you could tweak the template and make sure the two side menubars are distant apart giving enough space for the main content, the template would look better…also headline tag ku ithukkelam if u cud give a diff color, it might appear still better

  7. Harish said

    not too bad.. aana unga post ku innum jaathi width kudutha nalla irukkum!

  8. WA said

    I like it. Mathavunga ellarukkum poraamai Madhu 🙂

  9. bunky jumping pundit said

    indha template was suggested by somebody…thats why u are sentimental about changing it….. come out of that feeling….change is permanent..look at the blog called tamizhan..he seems to be changing template every day….

  10. Madhu said

    blog content width increase panni iruken. I have no plans of changing anything else. Better, get used to it! 🙂

    Loose-a nee? Edhedho neeye imagine pannikara? 🙂

  11. Sathish said

    Your choice… our fate… 🙂

  12. F e r r a r i said


  13. Badri said

    brown background & black foreground…really hard to read.

  14. Jagan said

    Hayoo Hayoo .. enna panrathu …

  15. Viji said

    I liked the previous one better… 😦
    Like u said, I’ll better get used to this. *sigh*
    Congrats for the 50th post.
    yarume treat kekkala?! 🙂

  16. bunky jumping pundit said


    kadasiya oru vaati warn pannare….indha template mathu….naa 10 ennuvein adhukulla mathidanum…

  17. Badri said

    ni inum template mathalaya?

  18. Madhu said

    I have no plans of changing this template until
    1. I’m bored with it, and,
    2. I find a better one.

    What on earth made you think I’ll change my template cos you don’t like it?

  19. Mythreyee said

    juz chkd out da template… pretty neat layout! 🙂

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