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I am back

Posted by AtPeace on July 14, 2007

It’s been over an year since I blogged actively. Revisited my old Blogroll now.. and realized that most of the old timers that I knew so well have either stopped blogging or moved on. And as I said here, who am I to resist the change? I will resume blogging at this page from hereon. Those who have been kind enough to retain me in their Blogroll in spite of my one-year hiatus, do remember to update your Blogroll.


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தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்!!

Posted by AtPeace on April 14, 2006

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Posted by AtPeace on September 23, 2005

Ohh… thank you, thank you, thank you…

Aah, please, it’s nothing…

Thank you so very much…

Please, please… please be seated…

Now, really, it’s enough…

Adada…. clap panninadhu podhum pa…

(audience encore finally dies down)

(For the dumbos who haven’t realised yet….)

Me crossed 2000 hits today (in exactly two months… the counter was set up on 23 July)!!! Yipeee….

(Odane ellarum alpama treat kekkadheenga! Congratulate pannunga pa…!!!)

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Posted by AtPeace on September 10, 2005

Tamizh Kudimagan (who has recently re-titled his blog to Tamizhan, for reasons he wouldn’t reveal clearly) tagged me. So, here goes…Seven things I plan to do before I die :
1. Involve actively in social service. (No, I’m not talking about giving away some of my money… I mean much more than that.)
2. Adopt a child.
3. A long drive down ECR with you-know-who [Actually, you-don’t-know-who… after all, even I-don’t-know-who 😦 ]
4. Travel.
5. Learn to cook (hehe!)
6. Try my hand at various things… like bungee-jumping, parachuting, scuba-diving etc etc…
Actually, 7 is too less a number to write things I want to do before I die. So, I’ll sum it up with this :
7. live life the way I want.

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Posted by AtPeace on August 19, 2005

Aaargggh… I’ve been spending close to 2 hours on this new template tweaking it like crazy. For a person who does not have any clue about html, it’s a pretty arduous task. I would have thought I was doing considerably well, if not for these two irritants –
* see the ‘Pages I frequent’ list in the sidebar? It’s got no padding to the right. And I’m clueless as to how to stop the words from entangling themselves on the right edge, as obviously, this list is picked up from my blogroll. (I’m making a mental note to check blogroll soon.) I have also removed the HP excerpt for the same reason. Will have it back as soon as I figure out a way to do this. (Or if I give up in the process.)
* and there’s this huuuuge space after my blog, before the comments. And this happens with the first post on the page only… happening with both the main and the archive pages. Irukara space la pudhu blog-e ezhudhidalam poliruku…

Oh, by the way, how does this new template look? It’s not my goal in life to keep changing my template every week, but then, I saw this on someone’s blog and fell in love with the template. And you see where it’s led me. I’m yet to make it exactly the way I want it to be…. but I’m almost there. If any of you have any clues about the above two problems I’m facing, kindly let me know.

Comments on the template are welcome. I, for one, think it looks cool and is pleasing on the eye. (Krish, indha dhadavayum nee edhavadhu sonna en template pathi, adi vanguva.)

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vettEEE updates…

Posted by AtPeace on August 18, 2005

Okie, there’s one more story on the vettEEEs. Ellarum ennoda soga kadhaiya kelunga, idho inga. Jolly-a oru kalyanathuku pona naan, epdi sogame uruvana madhri veliye vandhen-ngradhu dhan kadhai.

And Krish had advice on how to handle the war I wage every morning. Hmm… oru official advisor range ku ayitu varan, la…? Anyways, with his permission, here’s a part of our chat yesterday :

Krish : i jus read ur post ..hilarious
me : which one?
Krish : i suffer frm the same problem
me : morning blues?
Krish : but i found a remedy re
Krish : if at all u get up
Krish : see
Krish : u get up rite
me : of course i do… i don’t die in my sleep..
Krish : say at 7.30
Krish : then ur brain will have a struggle goin on between 2 sides
Krish : one will remind u to work
Krish : one wud want u 2 sleep
me : there r no 2 sides…
me : only 1
me : 😀
me : seri.. so
Krish : so wot u do
Krish : when its battling
me : ditch both and sleep?
Krish : make it a point to get up and run to bathroom and wash ur face
me : haha!
Krish : dont even think
me : hmmm…
Krish : ur sleepy side will always win if u dont do it
Krish : i have found this
me : hmmm…
me : seri, will try it 2m morning..
Krish : after that if u start sleeping no one can save u
me : vera vazhiye illaya?
Krish : no way 😉

Okay, I didn’t try it this morning, as I actually woke up at 6:30 AM. Nethu naal polambina polambal-la, some internal alarm was set nu nenaikaren. aar-rai mani ku thaana ezhundhutten. So,I haven’t had a chance to try this today. Will try this sometime next week, Krish!!

And oh, I almost forgot to mention Raam’s comment on the ‘Ada Raama’ post. Here it is :

Raam: well, you pretty much described the incident the way it was.. Except for the fact that i was a little surprised that nee enna avalova vaarala nu 😉

Kavala padadha, nanba, innum evlovo iruku life la… unna vaarama enakku thookam varuma, sollu?

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More blogrolls… and blogs…

Posted by AtPeace on August 13, 2005

Just blogrolled Praveen and Neha…. Praveen, cos I have been visiting his site for quite sometime and I find his blogs too damn funny… and Neha, cos she’s one independent, assertive girl… It’s truly a pleasure to see people like that, who don’t mince words… Just read her very angry post… I understand exactly how you feel, girl!!

And the new blog I’m talking about is this*. Well, I had originally intended to pen down some of my college memories here (and a little bit of school stuff too)… It’s too fresh in my mind and too good to be forgotten… I’m sure no one from BIST 2K2 EEE (it has now become Bharath University) can help smiling when reminded of some of these incidents… Honestly, we had an amazing college life and it just had to be chronicled somewhere… So, well, I have begun to write it down. However, I might not be the only person to write these stories… Raam, Aarthi, Bhargavi and Ramya have all shown enthu and might join in sometime… So, for that reason, it’s a new blog here.

Oh, btw, here’s what you can expect there –
* I shall try not to ‘damage’ anyone’s reputation… But then again, I decide the level of damage… (so, you don’t have much of a choice, Raam) 😀
* I shall frequently choose to have selective amnesia.
* I will try to write amusing, funny and in general memorable incidents. No serious stuff….

Just written the first post... Slight-a ennaye damage panra madhri irundhalum, it’s ok nu ezhudhi iruken… 😀

* Edit: All my blogger blogs are now combined into a single wordpress blog – the one you are reading now.

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All in a day’s work…

Posted by AtPeace on July 23, 2005

‘M, what would you like in your guy?’ a chat window pops up, when I’m working hard to decipher the code in my black-n-green screen. It’s A. ‘Huh?’ is my response.’No, I wanna know if you would like your guy to wear clothes of one particular colour’, A tries to explain. To me, it sounds like A’s recently been hit on the head with a brick. I’m truly mystified. ‘A, what’s up? What exactly is it that you want to know?’ I try once more.

He then sends me a forward in an attempt to explain – it’s a forward I have received several times before. (It’s the questionnaire from a guy to a girl asking ‘Why do you stop talking and look at me everytime I enter the classroom?’, ‘Why did you stop singing the other day, when I looked at you?’ and other such foolish questions with equally foolish options. The forward also has the reply from the girl rebuffing the guy, with obvious answers to every one of his questions. Apparently, at some point, some guy decided that the rebuff was too much to endure, and modified the genders, making it appear as if it was originally from a girl to a guy.) One of the questions in the original forward was ‘I mentioned casually that I like the colour blue. The next day you wore a blue salwar. Why? Options (a) You wore it because it’s my favourite colour. (b) You wore it to please me… and other such lousy ‘options’. This had been altered to the girl mentioning that she liked blue and the guy wearing a blue shirt the next day, in the forward that A received.

*sigh* Poor A, the fool that he is, found this a little bewildering and wanted to know if girls indeed prefer guys wearing shirts of specific colours. (Trust me A, as long as a guy is fully clothed, I wouldn’t mind anything, I want to answer.) ‘No, A, we really don’t have any such preferences. Now that you mention it, we don’t even notice the clothes that guys wear’, I venture to explain. A is startled. ‘You mean girls don’t care at all about all that?’. ‘Of course we don’t, A. We have better things on the planet to discuss about’. ‘Oh….’, A trails off. After a few seconds’ silence, he ventures again. ‘Appo pasanga dhan loosu madhri ponnunga pinnadi alayarangala?’ he asks. Sadly, A, yes, I say. With another ‘Oh….’, he relapses into what I assume is a thoughtful silence. I leave him to ponder over what was apparently a relevation to him and resume my war with the black-n-green screen.

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