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My Kinda Travelogue – Part 2

Posted by AtPeace on October 17, 2005

I gaped at Prince, open-mouthed, as he stepped over the connector. ‘Idhu namma train illa, erangunga’, he bustled around, hastening everyone and total pandemonium ensued. And before we could rally around, the compartment door had been opened and a few people disembarked – I should say jumped. Cos there wasn’t any platform for them to gaily step onto. The train had long past moved from the station and there was only a slope with plants growing alongside. Trust me when I say all of this happened real quick. I don’t wish to go into any more detail. Suffice to say that we tried to drive sense into Prince that you don’t go about pulling chains in running trains and jumping out wherever you please. And failed. But the elusive TTR eventually showed up and those who had got down were made to get back on the train. Terrible.

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My Kinda Travelogue – Part 1

Posted by AtPeace on October 15, 2005

The auto screeched to a stop to let the bus pass by. As I watched the volvo ambling across carrying loads of people happily reclining in it, there was a familiar ache in the heart – the yearning to travel. *sigh* When was the last time I went on a tour? I think back… Not counting the US trip, well, I think we last went in the beginning of March to Coorg. What a trip that was! Great place and lovely company… really wish we guys can go again somewhere. *sigh* Kerala, probably… Would love to go there again… I smile involuntarily as I begin reminiscing about my past tours… there are too many memorable experiences… in fact, every one of them was memorable in a way. And there is something I can never forget about every single trip I have ever been on in my life – fights, reconciliations, tears, laughter, friendships being sworn, relationships lying shattered, lonely hearts, broken hearts, kenjals, konjals, ottals, the songs, the dances… *sigh* someday, I’d write them all down.

However, for some vague reason (maybe it’s because this one’s not got much of an emotional value to it), I’m now going to write about one relatively recent trip that my team went on. To attend Chandru’s wedding in Trichy last year. (Only Deepti, Sang and I belonged to the same team, so the rest of my gang – Karthik, Prasanna, Muthu etc – won’t figure in this story. And our protagonist Prince is a teammate.) Hmmm… this is a weird story… in the sense that the story is not about the wedding or our visit to Mukkombu or Srirangam… it’s the travel – the train journey – that I am going to relate now.

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Between the Devil and the Deep Sea (Boulder Trip) – Part 2

Posted by AtPeace on October 12, 2005

(The first part is here.)

I dunno if it was Aditya or Gopi who spotted the Zapata Falls on the map, a little distance away from the Sand Dunes. None of them had been there before and we decided to stop over for some time. The road that led to the falls seemed an unmotorable stretch of road, with gravel and loose stones on the path, like they show in those ads for SUVs. Only, this was much worse. Huthas’s car is anything but a SUV and he hesitated quite a bit before driving up the path. I don’t blame him. I’d have refused to drive my car up the road. (Not that I have a car. Nor do I know driving. Hehe…) Anyways, we ambled along at smth like 10mph, as though we had all the time on earth. Thankfully, we soon reached a properly laid piece of road and H parked his car in the parking lot there.

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Between the Devil and the Deep sea (Boulder Trip) – Part 1

Posted by AtPeace on October 5, 2005

‘Hey, unakku coffee okay, la?’, Huthas asked and I looked up from the laptop (his laptop, in fact).

‘Yeah, fine…. Errr… by any chance, filter coffee seyya poriya?’
He stared at me, dumbfounded. A highly profound silence followed this simple question. After 5 whole seconds, during which he was obviously struggling to find speech, he finally found his voice – ‘Ennadhu? Filter coffee-ya? Madam, idhellam too much-a therla?’
Oh, damn! ‘Nooo! I thot you were going to make filter coffee and I wanted to tell you not to take the trouble. Instant coffee…’, I faltered, what if he was using the coffee machine? ‘… or from the coffee machine… anything’s fine…’, I finished.
He looked at me suspiciously. ‘Sure?’, ‘Yeah, I drink instant coffee all the time.’ Pacified, he disappeared into the kitchen and I returned to my browsing.

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