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Idhellam vettEEEs vazhkaila sagajamappa…

Posted by AtPeace on October 16, 2005

Final year. Another day. Another episode. It was lunchtime and we guys had just finished eating lunch. We were lazing around, yapping when I heard a scuffle to my right. (I used to sit the last but one bench and N’s gang used to sit on the bench to my right.)

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A day in the lives of vettEEEs…

Posted by AtPeace on August 24, 2005

This is a sequence of mails sent in a day (in the post-college era) by some of the vettEEEs. (The ones in the loop were – Me, Sumi, Ramya, Raam, KB, Bhargavi and Narsi.)

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‘Where’s the world heading to?’

Posted by AtPeace on August 18, 2005

It was during Lakshmi’s bro’s wedding. As always, oor-la slight-a therinja yaarukavadhu kalyanam-na, we girls in my class used to camp somewhere overnight. And for this wedding, I had stayed overnight at Ramya’s place. Actually, none of this is pertinent to what I’m gonna say, so ditch it all. Hehe…

Konja neram arattai adichapram, kadamai unarchi engala romba uruthichu. So, without wasting any further time, we went in to the dining hall to have breakfast. I had just seated myself next to an old man (whom I’ll refer to as thatha from this point forward) and Ramya was sitting on my other side. As always, we were all bubbly and yapping away to glory. As I was happily talking to Ramya, the thatha glared at me and I smiled back weakly. I lowered my voice, but nevertheless, carried on talking. The fact that Revathy knocked over Ramya’s glass of water on Ramya’s banana leaf by mistake, and the place was a royal mess in a matter of seconds, did not improve our standing with him one bit. Thatha was looking sterner by the minute.

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Ada Raama!

Posted by AtPeace on August 13, 2005

It was a hot summer day. Well, to be honest, I’m not exactly sure – it could have been ‘winter’ as well – there’s no difference in Chennai, you see. Anyways, the point is, it was hot. And we were in our final year of engineering. Realising that I was thirsty and finding my water bottle empty, I walked to the water cooler next to my classroom, with the bottle in hand. I was just filling water when I noticed that Raam was sitting on a stool outside the class, beyond the entrance. It was a little weird to find him sitting there alone, but Raam is known to have done weirder things and I chose to ignore him, as usual.
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